Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Certificate of Achievement

Date: 05-JUL-11

Effective Term: Winter 2012
The Coaching Certificate of Achievement is being created to offer students an additional level of experience within the coaching curriculum. This degree will be comprised of sixteen required credit hours which would allow students to complete the basic education necessary to become an accredited, certified coach nationwide. This additional level of training would allow the student more diversity in the curriculum and allow them to complete the coaching essentials in a shorter period of time.

Program Required Courses Minimum Credits: 16.00

WPE 101 Principles of Fitness & Health 2
WPE 115 Beginning Coaching Techniques 3
WPE 116 Advance Coaching Techniques 3
WPE 131 Fundamentals of Personal Train 3
WPE 140 Elementary Move & Activities 3
WPE 150 Foundat's/Health, Phys Ed, Rec 3
WPE 272 Coaching Field Experience 2

  Minimum Total Credits: 16