Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Graphic Design

Date: 01-OCT-14

Effective Term: Winter 2015
The Graphics Design Certificate is a vocational program which develops or improves skills in computer graphics and electronic design. It is appropriate for new-to-college students or persons interested in upgrading skills for current employment or retraining for a new position. All credits in this program apply directly towards the Graphic Design AAS degree.

Program Required Courses Minimum Credits: 30.00

ANM 100 Adobe Creative Suite 3
ANM 133 Adobe InDesign 3
ANM 140 Typography 3
ANM 141 Graphic Design 3
ANM 142 Adobe Photoshop 3
ANM 143 Adobe Illustrator 3
ANM 241 Advanced Graphic Design 3
ANM 254 Print Production 3
ART 101 2D Design and Color Theory 3
ART 133 Intro to Digital Photography 3

  Minimum Total Credits: 30