Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Legal Office Assistant

Date: 01-OCT-14

Effective Term: Winter 2015
This certificate program prepares students for entry-level employment in the offices of attorneys, judges, prosecuting attorneys, and legal organizations such as the Friend of the Court and Legal Aid. The core of the program consists of training in office skills and communications, microcomputer and software skills, keyboarding, information processing, and legal office terminology. The certificate can be applied to the Administrative Assistant AAS degree program.

Program Required Courses Minimum Credits: 31.00

BUS 106 Excel I 1
BUS 108 Access I 1
BUS 109 Word I 1
BUS 121 Keyboarding II/Document Proces 3
BUS 136 Information Management 3
BUS 145 Legal Terminology 1
BUS 160 Business Writing Skills 3
BUS 201 Business Law I 3
BUS 202 Keybrd III/Doc Format/Skillbld 3
BUS 235 Legal Transcription 3
BUS 242 Info Processing Software Appl 4
BUS 244 Automated Office Procedures 3
BUS 278 Business Internship 2

  Minimum Total Credits: 31