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Public Speaking (COM 101)
Public Speaking is a course designed to teach students the essentials of extemporaneous speaking and help them acquire confidence through practice. The course focuses on overcoming stage fright, development of delivery skills and audience analysis. Students acquire a repertoire of speaking skills by planning, practicing and delivering a variety of speeches, such as impromptu, informative and persuasive.

Interpersonal Communication (COM 113) -- online version Summer 2007 and Fall 2007
Students will become aware of their present ways of communicating as well as alternative ways to improve their dyadic (one-on-one) communication skills. This course focuses on topics such as self-concept, perception, emotions, verbal and nonverbal communication, and listening. Activities may include large and small group discussion, role playing, and group presentations. Research writing is required.

Advanced Public Speaking (COM 201) -- Winter semester 2007
This is an advanced course for students who have had an introductory public speaking class (COM 101 or equivalent). It focuses on the development of skills in delivering effective informal and formal speeches in business and professional situations emphasizing logical and ethical persuasion. Speeches are delivered in a more formal atmosphere than required of COM 101.

Oral Performance of Literature (COM 203) -- Winter semester 2007
In this course we learn to read all types of literature aloud dramatically.  It is a "cousin" to acting/theater, but differs in several respects.  Students who enjoy wonderful literature and wish to develop skill in performing literature as a dramatic reader will love this course.    Speech 101 or instructor approval is required as a prerequisite for this course.

Intercultural Communication (COM 223) -- Winter semester 2007
This is a course that takes interpersonal communication a step further. We continue to explore the communication dynamics between two people but add the dimension of culture.  We will continue to explore, both experientially and theoretically how two people who come from different perspectives and backgrounds may communicate more effectively.  Emphasis is on student discussion in this class. This course transfers as 3 credits in communication discipline and counts at KVCC toward international studies (IS) credit.



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