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Developmental Education
Developmental Education

This document is intended to give all college faculty useful information on Developmental Education in order to provide quality services to students who need developmental educational assistance or who are under prepared to succeed at the college level. Although developmental education courses in math, reading, and writing are offered here at KVCC under prepared students can be found in any college course at any college level.

A developmental education student or an under prepared student may be one who lacks basic academic skills, prerequisite academic skills, study skills, self knowledge of learning style, or an ability to accurately assess progress or success. They may be a new high school graduate, a first generation college student, a returning adult, or a student who uses English as a second language.

Developmental instruction provides educational experiences appropriate to each student's level of ability, ensures standards of academic excellence, and builds the academic and personal skills necessary to succeed in subsequent college level courses or on the job. Developmental instruction also pertains to courses that teach academically under prepared students the skills they need to succeed in college level courses. These courses provide learning strategies designed to improve or overcome any marked deficiency in basic competencies, including a deficiency in content previously taught but not learned. Basic competency is defined as reading, writing, mathematics, and science.

Below are some suggestions compiled by the Developmental Education Task Force 2000 to assist you in facilitating learning with students who need developmental educational assistance or who may be under prepared for college courses and the college environment.

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