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Humanities is (1) a department (including ART, HUM, MUS, PHI and THR) and (2) a series of courses under the HUM or humanities discipline.

The Humanities Department
The Humanities Department at KVCC encompasses five different academic disciplines: art (ART), humanities (HUM), music (MUS), philosophy (PHI) and theatre (THR).  For detailed information about the art, music, philosophy or theatre areas, click on one of the following:

Art (ART)

Music (MUS)

Philosophy (PHI)

HUM Courses

Humanities (HUM): The Humanities course offerings are discussed in general below and in detail in the online College Catalog.  Humanities courses cover a broad range of topics that may be divided into the following categories:

Arts and Ideas Courses Modern Culture and the Arts (HUM 101)
Bible Literature Courses Literature of the Bible: Old Testament (HUM 207)
Literature of the Bible: New Testament (HUM 208)
Honors Program Courses Honors Seminar (HUM 121 HC)
Arts in the Community (HUM 225)
Interdisciplinary Courses Making Connections: Humanities, Science and Technology (HUM 200)
Courses about Specific Cultures China: History and Culture (HUM 210)
Courses covering Specific Topics Language and Culture (HUM 130)