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Information about Music Courses at KVCC

  Music courses at KVCC serve several types of educational experiences:

  •       General Education and Humanities Courses - These courses include lecture/discussion classes such as MUS 101 (Music Appreciation) and MUS 102 (History of Rock 'n' Roll).  They provide an opportunity to learn about a variety of musical styles and how to better hear and enjoy their differences.  Students often enroll in these courses to meet certain general studies and humanities degree requirements.

  •         Basic Musicianship and Theory - MUS 103 (Theory and Musicianship I) is an excellent course for anyone who wishes to learn about basic structures in music (scales, intervals, chords).  These studies are helpful in preparing students for any style of music, from popular to classical.  Most colleges and universities offering music degrees require a course in music theory.

  •         Applied Music Classes - These courses (MUS 111-12, MUS 121-22, MUS 131-32 and MUS 151) offer students an opportunity to learn an instrument (piano or guitar), to develop or improve their singing voice or to learn improvisation.  The classes are primarily directed toward personal enrichment through direct participation in music but may also be taken as part of a degree program in music at another college.

  •         Choral and Instrumental Ensembles - These classes are for people who have sung in a choir or played in a band or orchestra and wish to continue in a college or community ensemble.  Students may participate as credit or noncredit members of a musical group.  An audition is required for most of the instrumental ensembles, including the Kalamazoo Concert Band (MUS 107) and the Kalamazoo Junior Symphony Orchestra (also MUS 107).  No audition is required for participation in the KVCC Community Chorus (MUS 109).

  •         Courses for Education Majors - MUS 205 (Music for the Classroom Teacher) is a required course for most students who are majoring in education.  This class is especially designed to help prospective teachers create and present music activities for students.   KVCC now offers a total of six sections of MUS 205 each year.

For complete course descriptions consult the online college catalog.  For the current schedule of music and other classes consult the online class schedule.