Nursing Program

Curriculum Requirements RN Completion

We recommend if your science and/or math knowledge is outdated (grades ≥ 5 years old) you enroll in the KVCC science/math course prerequisite, for either grade or audit.


Official college transcripts and/or high school transcripts must be sent to the KVCC Record’s Office if you are planning to use either of these documents to meet program pre-requisites requirements. You will meet our high school or college pre-requisite course work requirement(s) if you have completed the course with a grade of C (2.0) or better. If you have not, you can still meet our pre-requisites by successfully completing the appropriate KVCC courses with a grade of 2.0 or higher.

  One Year High School Chemistry      
  ANY College Level Chemistry      
HCR 118 Cell Biology   2 Credits 2 Contact Hours
BIO 101 Cellular Biology   4 Credits 6 Contact Hours
BIO 130 Microbiology   4 Credits 6 Contact Hours
ENG 110 College Writing I   3 Credits 3 Contact Hours
ENG 160 College Writing III   4 Credits 4 Contact Hours
MATH 100 Health Careers Math   1 Credit 1 Contact Hour
NURS 167 Nursing Pharmacology II   2 Credits 2 Contact Hour
BIO 210 Human Physiology   4 Credits 6 Contact Hours
NURS 190 Transition Seminar   1 Credit 1 Contact Hour

**NURS 190 is to be completed the semester before beginning the RN completion program. You can obtain additional information from the Nursing Office, Room 7426.

Additional Prerequisites

In addition, the following are necessary before starting the first semester of the nursing program.

  1. Valid Michigan Practical Nursing License.

  2. Current CPR – validation in Basic Life Support for the Health Care Provider or Basic Life Support for the Professional Rescuer. You are required to submit documentation of current CPR certification after you have been accepted to the nursing program.

  3. Hepatitis B immunity must be demonstrated by either a lab report documenting an immune titer value or documentation of the completed series of immunizations.