Kalamazoo Valley Community College

KVCC Catalog

MAT 100 Medical Admin. Procedures I
3-3-0 (Lecture/Discussion)/3-0-0 (Online) This course is an orientation to the field of medicine, the medical assistant profession and the responsibilities of a health care team member. Basic administrative procedures utilized in ambulatory care settings are introduced along with communication techniques and legal and ethical concepts. PREREQUISITE: Admission to the Medical Assistant Technology Program or permission of Program Director REQUIRED. Corequisite: MAT 112.

MAT 106 Medical Clinical Procedures I
3-2-3 (Lecture/Standard Lab) This course provides a theoretical and practical orientation to basic clinical procedures and fundamental principles utilized in the medical office/clinic setting. Topics include aseptic technique and infection control, patient care and diagnostic screening procedures routinely utilized in a medical practice. Corequisite: MAT 109.

MAT 109 Medical Clinical Procedures II
3-2-3 (Lecture/Standard Lab) Theoretical and practical application of additional skills: patient assessment, assist with routine and specialized examinations/treatments, safety and first aid, and electrocardiography, respiratory and radiography responsibilities. Corequisite: MAT 106.

MAT 112 Medical Term/Anat Systems I
2-2-0 (Lecture/Discussion) This course includes the study of the basic structure of medical terms, including prefixes, suffixes, roots, combining forms and plurals as they pertain to various body systems. The anatomy and general function of body systems will also be emphasized. The goal of the course is to build a professional vocabulary and apply the knowledge gained to medical source documents. Prerequisite: Admission to the Medical Assistant Technology Program or permission of Program Director. Corequisite: MAT 100.

MAT 200 Medical Admin. Procedures II
3-3-0 (Lecture/Discussion)/3-3-0 (Online) This course is a continuation of Medical Administrative Procedures I, covering more complex administrative functions in the medical office/clinic setting (i.e., financial management). Prerequisite: MAT 100 REQUIRED. Corequisite: MAT 210 REQUIRED.

MAT 205 Laboratory Procedures
3-1-4 (Lecture/Standard Lab) This course is designed to provide the theoretical basis and practical application for performing clinical laboratory procedures in the medical office/clinical setting. Topics include specimen collection and processing. Manual and automated techniques will be utilized. Prerequisite: MAT 100, MAT 106, MAT 109, MAT 112.

MAT 206 Medical Computer Applications
3-1-2 (Lecture/Standard Lab) In this course, the student will be exposed to medical office software systems and electronic medical records. The student will work with patient demographics, insurance processes (coding and billing), and preparation of reports commonly utilized in an ambulatory setting, as well as having exposure to the set-up and usage of an electronic medical records system. Prerequisite: MAT 210 or permission of the program director.

MAT 207 Pharm for Medical Assisting
2-1-1 (Lecture/Standard Lab) This course is designed to provide the theoretical and practical basis for the administration of medications, identification of commonly administered drugs, their uses and effects on the body and their interaction with other prescription and non-prescription drugs. Specifics of drug therapy in adults, children and the elderly are addressed. Oral and parenteral medication administration will be discussed and practiced. Prerequisites: MAT 100, MAT 106, MAT 109, MAT 112 or consent of Department Chair required.

MAT 209 Human Disease
1-0-0 (Online) This course is an overview of common diseases that affect the human body, diagnostic/treatment modalties, patient instruction/education and identification of community resources. Prerequisites: MAT 100, MAT 106, MAT 109, and MAT 112 required.

MAT 210 Medical Term/Anat. Systems II
2-2-0 (Lecture/Discussion) Continues the study of word structure, system structure, and system function that was begun in Medical Terminology and Anatomical Systems I. Prerequisite: MAT 112. Corequisite: MAT 200.

MAT 217 Diagnostic/Proced Coding Syst
3-3-0 (Lecture/Discussion) This course presents a study of medical technology and its translation to computer code for the purpose of accurately recording statistics in the incidence of disease as well as filing "third party" billing. Emphasis is placed on developing an advanced level of knowledge of anatomical, diagnostic, symptomatic, and operative/procedural terms utilizing a systems approach and converting those terms into computer code utilizing the current revision of the International Classification of Disease code books and the AMA's Current Procedural Terminology. Prerequisite: Admission to the Medical Coding Specialist Program or consent of department chair.

MAT 219 Medical Insurance
2-2-0 (Lecture/Discussion) Information is presented regarding private, group, and government insurance programs and the completion of the required forms, including resolution of payment disputes. In addition, current pertinent legislation and regulations in regard to health care delivery are discussed. Prerequisite: MAT 217 or consent of Program Director.

MAT 223 Medical Assistant Seminar
1-1-0 (Lecture/Discussion) Through presentation and group interaction, the student will explore the learning achieved in the MAT program with emphasis on the externship experience. The goal of the course is to put the acquired learning into the perspective of the work place. Prerequisite: MAT 200, MAT 205, MAT 210, MAT 218. Corequisite: MAT 274.

MAT 230 MAT Certification Board Review
1-1-0 (Lecture/Discussion) This course is designed to provide students graduating from a CAAHEP Accredited Medical Assistant Program and practicing Medical Assistants with proper credentials, the testing materials similar to the National Certification Examination. This course will help prepare the student to take the examination under the stress that is inherent in this type of situation. It is also designed to clear up any myths concerning the certification examination. Prerequisite: Successful completion of a CAAHEP Accredited Medical Assistant Program or practicing Medical Assistant proper credentials.

MAT 272 Coding/Reimbursemnt Externship
4-0-0 (Field Experience) This course consists of practical experience in the office and/or qualified physician or accredited hospital clinic ambulatory care settings. Practical experience is performed under the direct supervision of the assigned staff member or college faculty. Prerequisite: MAT 217 and MAT 219.

MAT 274 MAT Externship
4-0-0 (Field Experience) This course covers a review and rotation sequence of practical experience in the office of qualified physician(s) and/or accredited hospital/clinic ambulatory care setting. Administrative and Clinical practice are performed under the supervision of the physician preceptor and/or assigned staff member and college faculty. Prerequisite: MAT 200, MAT 205, MAT 210, MAT 218 or consent of Department Chair. Corequisite: MAT 223.