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KVCC Catalog

MUS 101 Music Appreciation
3-3-0 (Lecture/Discussion)/Online/Blended Contact Hours: 3 This is a study of the substance of music of various styles, including jazz, pop and classical. The course examines such musical elements as melody, harmony, rhythm, and the make-up of performing ensembles, with an emphasis on the development of basic listening skills. It is appropriate for students who are new to the study of music and those wishing to pursue the literature and history of music in greater depth.

MUS 102 The History of Rock 'n' Roll
3-3-0 (Lecture/Discussion) Contact Hours: 3 This course is a comprehensive study of rock music of all types from the earliest styles to those of the present day. In addition, it will examine the many pre-rock forms that have fed into the development of this music. Also covered are the people who create rock, including performing artists, composers, and producers.

MUS 103 Theory and Musicianship I
3-3-0 (Lecture/Discussion) Contact Hours: 3 This is a course which examines music fundamentals, including notation, scales, intervals, basic chord construction, and the rhythmic/metric aspect of music. This course is open to all students as an introductory study in music theory. It is recommended that students have some experience with reading either Treble, Bass or C clef music.

MUS 104 Theory and Musicianship II
3-3-0 (Lecture/Discussion) Contact Hours: 3 Studies in this course involve seventh chords, secondary dominants, modulations, and non-harmonic tones. Students also undertake exercises in dictation and ear-training. Recommended prerequisite: MUS 103 or equivalent preparation.

MUS 106 The Business of Music
3-3-0 (Lecture/Discussion)/Online Contact Hours: 3 This course is an introduction to the business aspects of the music industry. Areas covered include copyrights, contracts, trademarks, publishing, recording, record company operations, personal managers, booking agents, concert promotion, and unions.

MUS 109 KVCC Community Chorus
2-2-0 (Lecture/Discussion) Contact Hours: 2 This course is a continuing study in vocal and choral ensemble performance technique using a variety of styles including sacred, contemporary, and classical music. Performances are presented on campus and in the community such as graduation or special events. The KVCC chorus is available as either a credit course (MUS 109) or as a non-credit activity, open to anyone in the community, requires an informal audition, and music experience in music reading; choral ensemble singing is also recommended. Prerequisite: Although no formal auditions are required, students need to pass basic pitch matching and music reading skills equivalent to MSVOA (Michigan School Vocal Music Association) competencies. Informal auditions and testing will be given the first week of class.

MUS 110 KVCC Campus Band
2-2-0 (Lecture/Discussion) Contact Hours: 2 This ensemble is a mixed instrumental performing group open to brass, woodwind, string and percussion players. The instrumentation may vary from semester to semester and may even be divided into two or more smaller ensembles depending on the specific personnel available. The ensemble will explore a variety of musical styles from classical to jazz and show tunes and may be available to perform for KVCC events such as graduation, athletic games and other special programs on campus. Recommended prerequisite: Ability to read music notation at a Grade 3 (standard 1-5 scale) level. This would be comparable to a Michigan Class D high school ensemble.

MUS 111 Piano Class 1
2-2-0 (Lecture/Discussion) Contact Hours: 2 This introductory course in piano covers the first two levels of elementary studies. It is appropriate for both beginners and individuals who may have discontinued their early studies and need to review fundamental keyboard skills.

MUS 112 Piano Class 2
2-2-0 (Lecture/Discussion) Contact Hours: 2 This course in class piano is designed to follow MUS 111. It will continue to concentrate on the rudiments of music, with a special emphasis on finger independence and the development of hand-eye coordination. Music covered includes jazz, popular, and classical. Recommended prerequisite: MUS 111 or equivalent training.

MUS 121 Guitar Class 1
2-2-0 (Lecture/Discussion) Contact Hours: 2 Though this course is primarily an introduction to the guitar, it is also useful to individuals who already play the instrument but either need to review skills or to learn to read music. Students explore various styles, including chordal accompaniment, finger style, and single-string melody.

MUS 131 Voice Class 1
2-2-0 (Lecture/Discussion) Contact Hours: 2 This course provides basic instruction in the fundamentals of singing. Topics presented include breathing (respiration), vocalizing, articulation, and interpretation. Vocal literature explored includes folk songs, popular songs, art songs, and songs from Broadway musicals.

MUS 132 Voice Class 2
2-2-0 (Lecture/Discussion) Contact Hours: 2 This course is a continuation of MUS 131. The course emphasizes vocal technique and the presentation of a song. Vocal literature explored includes art songs and songs from Broadway musicals. Recommended prerequisite: MUS 131 or equivalent training.

MUS 205 Music for Classroom Teacher
3-3-0 (Lecture/Discussion) Contact Hours: 3 This is a course for the student majoring in elementary education. Basic music structures are examined through practical experience on the musical instruments that may be used in the elementary classroom. A discussion of the available and appropriate instructional materials is also undertaken.