Guest Student

Guest Student


☐ Admission

Complete an online Kalamazoo Valley application. Be sure to identify yourself as a Guest student and indicate your program is unclassified so we know you are not seeking a degree. While we accept the Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest application, it is not necessary and our application is easier. You will receive an acceptance letter within one week.

☐ Consultation

We strongly suggest that you consult with your current college or university to ensure that the classes you take at Kalamazoo Valley will be accepted as transfer credits. Our counselors are available to guide you. Your current institution, however, determines what will be accepted as transfer credit.

☐ Registration

Register for classes online in My Valley or by coming on campus during posted registration hours. As a Guest student, you will be given a waiver for all prerequisites and/or reading, writing, and math test scores to complete up to 15 credit hours. Faculty, department chairs, and deans may require you to verify compliance with course prerequisites and/or test scores to remain in a course. Registration begins in March for summer, in April for fall, and October for winter and continues through the start of classes.

☐ Payment

Tuition bills are available online in My Valley. Pay for your classes online, on campus, or by mail during deferred payment periods. Payment plan options are available. If a third-party is paying, check your account to make sure your payment is in place and pay any remaining balance by the deadline.

☐ Student ID

Stop by the Student Service Center when the semester begins to pick up a Student ID card needed to use many services. At the Arcadia Commons Campus, it is required for parking validation and door access.

☐ Transfer

Once you have completed your course(s) at Kalamazoo Valley, be sure to submit a request to have an official transcript sent to your primary institution.

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