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Admission - Complete an application online. You should begin this process by the first of April for fall semester classes or October for winter semester classes. You will receive your acceptance letter in the mail within one week. Applicants under the age of 14 will need to seek approval for admission from the Director of Admissions, Registration and Records. Please call 269.488.4281 for underage applicant procedures.

High School Approval - Consult with your high school representative to determine your Early College or Dual Enrollment qualifications under the Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act (PSEO).

Assessment - Course prerequisites are enforced at Kalamazoo Valley which requires assessment of your placement level prior to registering for classes. There are three ways you can satisfy this requirement:
  • SAT/ACT scores - Kalamazoo Valley accepts ACT scores and the new SAT scores from tests taken March 2016 or after. Submit your scores to the Student Success Center.
  • Placement Test - complete the free placement test given on a walk-in basis in our Testing Centers.
  • College Courses - complete a college level English and/or math class at another institution with a grade of 2.0/C or better, or have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher as identified on the Kalamazoo Valley application.

  • New Student Orientation - To learn more about the Kalamazoo Valley campus and services, orientation is highly encouraged. Contact the Student Service Center to sign up for an orientation.

    If you are participating in an Early/Middle college program and have participated in an orientation through a high school, you do not need to attend a new student orientation. However, you should meet with a Kalamazoo Valley counselor to plan your college pathway to success. Call 269.488.4048 to schedule an appointment.

    Registration - Register for classes online in My Valley or by coming on campus during posted registration hours. Registration begins in March for summer, in April for fall, and October for winter and continues through the start of classes. Students attending college for the first time must be registered prior to the first week of class.

    If you will be registering for a class with seats reserved for high school students, you will need to be identified as a PSEO student either by submission of a PSEO form for Dual Enrolled students or notice to Kalamazoo Valley by the high school of acceptance into the Early College program. Please allow two business days for processing from the time of notification before attempting to register for reserved seats.

    Payment - Tuition bills are available online in My Valley. If you are paying for your own classes you may do so online, on campus, or by mail during deferred payment periods.

    If you are affiliated with a public school program for the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Act, a completed PSEO form must be submitted to the Financial Services office prior to the payment deadline. The PSEO form must show the classes you are approved and registered for to retain your classes. The form is available online or from your high school.

    Student ID - Stop by the Student Service Center when the semester begins to pick up a Student ID card needed to use many services. At the Arcadia Commons Campus, it is required for parking validation and door access.

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