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Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

  1. arrow Will I be able to be successful?
  2. arrow Is the campus safe?
  3. arrow Do I have time to go back to college?
  4. arrow Do I have to provide my birth date?
  5. arrow When do classes begin?
  6. arrow How much does it cost? Can I afford to attend KVCC?
  7. arrow Is financial assistance available?
  8. arrow I am an international student. Can I attend KVCC?
  9. arrow What types of degree programs does KVCC offer?
  10. arrow I'm not sure about my course of study. Can I still take classes?
  11. arrow Can I take classes if I'm still in high school?
  12. arrow Will my classes transfer?
  13. arrow Can I receive credit for life or work experience?
  14. arrow College seems to have its own language. How do I know what all the terminology means?
  15. arrow Does KVCC have special services for students with extra needs?
  16. arrow Does KVCC offer student housing?
  17. arrow Does KVCC offer child care?
  18. arrow What activities can I get involved in at KVCC?
  19. arrow What athletic programs are available at KVCC?

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