Steps After Completing the FAFSA

If you completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at and provided Kalamazoo Valley's federal school code (006949), the Financial Aid Office should receive your FAFSA results (Student Aid Report) within 3-5 days. This does not mean you have financial aid at this point. Once we receive your Student Aid Report, our office begins the review process. Please note: you must complete a new FAFSA each year you plan to attend Kalamazoo Valley. You can apply as early as Oct. 1 for the next fall semester.

  1. Once you complete an Admissions application, you will receive a letter in the mail from Kalamazoo Valley. This letter will be mailed to the address we have on file for you at the College.
    • This letter will give you directions on how to access your My Valley account and email account.
    • Your Kalamazoo Valley email is how the Financial Aid Office will communicate with you about your financial aid. Please check your Kalamazoo Valley email periodically for any financial aid updates.
  2. Requests for additional documentation will be sent to your Kalamazoo Valley email.
    • All students will be required to read and accept our Terms and Conditions.
    • If your file has been selected for verification, you will be required to submit additional documentation to our office. These documents will verify the information you provided on your FAFSA. We also encourage you to check your Financial Aid Checklist - (see steps at bottom of page).
  3. Once you have submitted all requested documents, your file will be reviewed. Please allow 3-5 days for processing of the documents you submitted. During peak times, processing may take a few extra days.
  4. Based on a review of your file, one of the following will occur. (Please check your Kalamazoo Valley email for notification regarding this information).
    • You may be awarded financial aid and you will receive an "award notification" through your Kalamazoo Valley email.
    • or
    • Additional documents may be requested based on the review of your file. There may be information that was not filled out completely or we may have questions regarding the information you provided.
  5. If you have been waiting for financial aid to be approved prior to registering for classes, please refer to the following:
    • You may register for classes prior to having your financial aid approved.
    • Pay attention to when the tuition is due for your classes. After the initial tuition due date, once you register for classes, your tuition is due within 5 business days. This means you must either -
      • have financial aid authorized to your account, or
      • enroll in a payment plan, or
      • pay for your tuition on your own.

  6. If you have been awarded financial aid, you will be given the opportunity to charge books and supplies against your financial aid at the Kalamazoo Valley Bookstore.
    • Book authorizations are usually available a week before the start of each semester.
    • You are permitted to charge up to $725 for books and supplies. This amount is dependent on the remaining financial aid authorized to your account after your tuition and fees have been deducted.

  7. Financial Aid Credit Balance/Refunds (excluding loans) are available usually four weeks after the start of each semester -- loan refunds are generally available beginning the 5th week of the semester.
    • A credit balance/refund will be available if you have financial aid funds remaining after your tuition, fees, books and supplies, bus pass, and payment plan charges have been deducted.
    • Make sure you select how you prefer to receive your refund, by accessing your My Valley account, then selecting Student Choice Refunds. You can select direct deposit, prepaid debit card, or have a paper check mailed to you.

You can view financial aid eligibility requirement information through your My Valley account:

  1. Visit
  2. Choose Financial Aid Information (under My Links)
  3. Choose My Award Information
  4. Choose Award By Aid Year
  5. Select Aid Year
  6. Review your Financial Aid Checklist