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The Financial Aid Office at Kalamazoo Valley processes numerous scholarships each year. Funding for scholarships is provided by Federal, State, Institution, private sources, and the Kalamazoo Valley Community College Foundation.

The KVCC Scholarship Information Guide acquaints you with the various scholarships that are offered through our Financial Aid Office. A brief description is given for each scholarship. Depending on the availability of funds, some scholarships listed in this guide may not be awarded on an annual basis. New scholarships may also become available during the award year.

Applications for scholarships listed in this guide will be accepted only when funds are available and during the application period. The application period for the scholarships located in the KVCC Scholarship Information Guide are usually promoted twice a year, usually in September/October for the fall semester and February for the winter semester. An email will be sent to all registered students once the Financial Aid Office is actually promoting these scholarships.

The scholarships listed below are from organizations outside of KVCC that offer scholarships to students. Please refer to their website for application requirements and deadline dates.

The following are links to free scholarship searches. You should also check with your local library for additional scholarship references.

MI-SEARCH (Michigan Department of Treasury
FastWeb Scholarship Search
Sallie Mae - Cash Scholarship