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Senior Tuition Waiver

Kalamazoo Valley provides admitted students who are at least 62 years of age and reside in-district an opportunity to participate in classes and activities through a tuition waiver. Students are financially responsible for any fees or other costs associated with enrolling in courses above tuition, including materials and books.

A driver’s license or State identification card must be provided to the Admissions, Registration and Records office (room 9140) on the Texas Township Campus or the Student Service Center at the Arcadia Commons Campus to verify qualification for the waiver. A Senior Tuition Waiver form will be issued that is then submitted to the Pay Station to cover the cost of tuition.

Students who qualify have two registration options available to them:

  1. Students may elect to wait until the week before the class begins to register for any open class. By choosing to register on a “seats available basis” your tuition will be paid by the Senior Tuition Waiver. You must provide your identification within one business day of registering to secure a seat in class.
  2. Students may choose to register early and pay their own tuition to guarantee a seat in a course. In this case students may no longer be eligible for the Senior Tuition Waiver for this class. If you paid for a class in advance, you may check to see if at least one seat, in addition to yours, is available the week before classes begin. If there are seats open, you may come to either campus to request the Senior Waiver. If you qualify at the time of the request, a waiver form will be issued. Once this form is turned in to the Pay Station your money will be refunded.

For more information stop by the Admissions, Registration and Records office, room TTC-9140 or the Student Service Center in Anna Whitten Hall, call 269.488.4281 or email us at arr@kvcc.edu.

(Effective beginning Fall 2015)

New students attending college for the first time must be registered prior to the first week of classes. New students who are registered, as well as all other students, will be able to register or make adjustments to their class schedules during the Drop/Add period.

Registration Dates
Dates seniors can begin registering for classes and qualify to receive the tuition waiver.

Winter 2016
Senior Registration Begins Class Begins On or After Weeks of Class Part of Term
Jan 4 Jan 11 1st 8 5
Jan 4 Jan 11 15 1
Jan 9 Jan 16 1st 7 7
Jan 9 Jan 16 14 2
Jan 25 Feb 1 12 4
Feb 24 Mar 3 2nd 8 6
Feb 26 Mar 5 2nd 7 8

Summer 2016
Senior Registration Begins Class Begins On or After Weeks of Class Part of Term
May 2 May 9 1st 4 D
May 2 May 9 1st 8 5
May 2 May 9 12 3
May 2 May 9 15 1
May 24 May 31 2nd 12 4
May 30 Jun 6 2nd 4 E
Jun 23 Jun 30 2nd 8 6
Jul 4 Jul 11 3rd 4 F

Fall 2016
Senior Registration Begins Class Begins On or After Weeks of Class Part of Term
Aug 30 Sep 6 1st 8 5
Aug 30 Sep 6 15 1
Sep 3 Sep 10 1st 7 7
Sep 3 Sep 10 14 2
Sep 19 Sep 26 12 4
Oct 20 Oct 27 2nd 8 6
Oct 22 Oct 29 2nd 7 8