Student Record Holds

What are holds and which services can be blocked by a hold?
To ask questions about your hold, contact the appropriate office as determined by your Hold Type.

Admissions, Registration and Records Office
Hold Type Contact Phone (269) Email Address
Admission General Office Staff 488-4281
Identification Number General Office Staff 488-4281
International Students Int. Student Advisor 488-4347
Registration/Records General Office Staff 488-4281
Residence Verification General Office Staff 488-4281
Residency Audit Student Records Manager 488-4357
Financial Aid Office
Hold Type Contact Phone (269) Email Address
Financial Aid General Office Staff 488-4340
FNSVC/FINAID short hold General Office Staff 488-4340
Kalamazoo Promise General Office Staff 488-4340
Tuition Delay General Office Staff 488-4340
Tuition Hold or Waiting on Loan General Office Staff 488-4340
Pay Station/Financial Services
Hold Type Contact Phone (269) Email Address
Account in Collection General Office Staff 488-4201
Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable 488-4227
Check Alert - Returned Check General Office Staff 488-4201
Financial Info. - AR Accounts Receivable 488-4227
Financial Info. - Other Accounts Receivable 488-4201
Financial Services General Office Staff 488-4201
Loan Balance General Office Staff 488-4201
Payment Plan General Office Staff 488-4201
More Departments
Hold Type Contact Phone (269) Email Address
Camera and Video Checkout Fine Center for New Media SA Conf. Coordinator 373-7883  
College Ombudsman Student Relations Coordinator 488-4537
TTC Library Library Circulation Desk 488-4313
ACC Library Library Circulation Desk 373-7848
MS Student Software Checkout Dawn Pantaleo, Instructor 488-4137
Student Services Admissions, Registration & Records Office 488-4281
Mandatory Orientation Orientation staff 488-4825