Web Class Roster Instructions

A roster of all students registered for each of your courses will be available to you on the web beginning the first day of registration or as soon as a student registers for the class.

Browser Requirements

Firefox (Download Firefox)
Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher for PC (Download Internet Explorer)
Internet Explorer 5.2 for Mac

See appropriate Semester Action Dates for grade entry availability and deadline dates.

Login to system

  1. My Valley
  2. Username (example: jsmith) 1st initial, max 11 letters of last name
  3. Password
  4. Login

The first time you log into My Valley your initial password will depend on when you were first employed by Kalamazoo Valley.

If you were employed prior to 08/01/12 - Your password will be your six-digit birth date (MMDDYY), if you provided it; or the last 6-digits of your Valley Number.

If you were employed after 08/01/12 - You must first set up a new account and establish a password. To set up your KVCC account, please visit www.kvcc.edu/new. You will be asked to enter the single-use New Account Code (NAC) and Username provided in your welcome letter. (Note: Alternate options may be available to you on the new account setup page if you no longer have your NAC.)

If you need assistance, please bring a photo ID (Driver's License, State ID card or Valley ID card) to one of our computer labs.

Change your password

  1. My Links
  2. Change Password
  3. Enter Username 1st initial, max 11 letters of last name; example: jsmith)
  4. Current Password (originally your birthdate MMDDYY)
  5. Type New Password(A minimum combination of 8 characters including at least one letter and one number.
  6. Retype new password to confirm
  7. Change Password

Accessing/Customizing Your Class Roster

From the Faculty Resources Tab in MyValley: Choose Customizable Class Roster

  1. To View it
    • Choose a class from your list of classes by clicking on 'View'
  2. To Customize it
    • From the top box of items, check any features you would like to add or remove from view and click 'Update'.
  3. To Print it
    • Click on the Printer icon at the top left of the page.

Log off system: To ensure security you should always log off when finished.

  1. Click Log Out at the bottom of the Roster
  2. Close all of your browser windows


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

This Federal Law regulates what information can and cannot be released to and about students. Most student information, such as grades, class schedules and attendance records is, by law, confidential. The Admissions, Registration and Records Office regularly handles such requests from parents, friends, schools, legal professionals, insurance companies, and many others.

If you receive a request for information regarding one of your students, please refer them to the Admissions, Registration and Records Office. By releasing information only from our office, we can ensure continued compliance with all legal requirements.

Circumstance and Action

Student is not on your Class Roster

Any student not on your roster must be immediately referred to the Admissions, Registration and Records Office. To be allowed back in your class, the student must have registered and paid.

Permission to enter a closed class or Permission to enter a class after the drop/add period

Students are not allowed to register for a closed/full class (CRN) without your permission. If you permit a student to register for your class, you need to sign a Authorization for Registration Exception form. The student then submits the form when registering for the class. Late registrations processed after the scheduled drop/add period ends and until the end of the semester, will also require a signed permission to enter form. This form is available starting the first day of each semester. It can be found on the VIP Workplace tab under Faculty Resources.

Notification of Student Registration Status Changes

Changes made to a student's registration status will immediately appear on your web roster in the Registration Status column. And, of course, if the name disappears from your list they have dropped the class. Please review your roster before each class period for updates.

Instructor Directed Student Withdrawals

Course withdrawal deadlines are printed in each semester class schedule. These deadline dates apply to both student initiated and instructor directed withdrawals. Withdrawal forms must be submitted to the Admissions, Registration and Records Office prior to this date. Instructor directed withdrawals must be approved by the appropriate Academic Dean and the Director of Admissions, Registration and Records. Non-attendance, or verbal notice, does not constitute a withdrawal from class. Instructor directed withdrawals can be submitted on the web inside VIP on the Workplace tab under Faculty Resources. Instructor directed withdrawal forms are available in the Faculty Reception Area, in the front office at AWH, and in the Admissions, Registration and Records Office (9140-TTC).

Contacts for additional help

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