Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Payment Plan Information Payment Plan Information

The Payment Plan is offered as a tuition payment option by KVCC for the Fall and Winter semesters only (the Payment Plan is NOT offered for the Summer semester). Enrollment in the Payment Plan and the down payment must be made in person by the student at the Financial Services Office at either the Texas Township or Arcadia Commons Campus. The final payment is due to KVCC and can be made at the Pay Station, mailed in, or paid on the web (www.kvcc.edu) with a credit card. If using the web, please verify the semester and the amount due.


  1. Student must be registered for a minimum of 4 contact hours in the semester.
  2. Complete the Payment Plan Enrollment Form in the Financial Services Office.
  3. Be prepared to pay 50% of your tuition + a $30 non-refundable fee when you sign up.
  4. Sign a Promissory Note, promising to pay the balance of the tuition by the final due date.
  5. Early Registration ... enroll for the Payment Plan and make the initial payment by the tuition due date to hold classes
  6. Final Registration ... enroll for the Payment Plan and make the initial payment within one business day of registering for classes.


  1. If the amount due to KVCC changes due to an increase in tuition of $150.00 or more during the official drop/add period 50% of the added contact hours tuition must be paid or the additional class(es) may be dropped.
  2. Reductions in contact hours during the official drop/add period will result in a reduction of the final payment. Failure to attend class or withdrawals after the refund period will not reduce the amount owed to KVCC.
  3. Overpayments will be refunded to the student beginning the second week after the drop/add period (credit card payments will be credited to that credit card; other refunds will be mailed to the student’s address on file at KVCC.)
  4. Loans, Financial Aid and/or Scholarship funds disbursed before the final due date will be applied to any tuition balance prior to issuing any refunds.


  1. Failure to pay the balance of tuition by the due date will put the student's account in delinquent status.
  2. A HOLD will be placed on the student's account. This hold will prevent the student from registering for future semesters, graduate, receive official transcripts, or drop classes until the account is paid in full.
  3. Students with delinquent accounts will not be entitled to enroll in the Payment Plan for one year after the account is paid in full.
  4. KVCC will pursue collections of delinquent accounts and the default will be reported to the Credit Bureau.

Questions? Contact the Financial Services Office at 269.488-4162