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How to Find Course Prerequisites

Course prerequisites are listed in the course description of a course. You can click the Catalog link at the top of this page to look up a course description. You can also access the description from within self-service registration by clicking on the Course Reference Number (CRN) after performing a search for the class you wish to take.

Course Placement Testing

To ensure your success and correct course placement, you must have test scores on file before registering for classes. Kalamazoo Valley accepts a variety of test scores including the ACT and SAT. If you did not have your test scores sent directly to Kalamazoo Valley when you originally took the ACT, you can have ACT submit your scores by going to www.actstudent.org (Kalamazoo Valley's ACT code is 2016.) For the winter 2017 semester, we will also accept the new SAT scores from tests taken March 2016 or after. (Kalamazoo Valley's SAT code is 1378). Students can get their scores by logging in to their account at www.collegeboard.org. Scores can also be submitted to the Student Success Center, Room 9300, on the Texas Township Campus or Room 120 in Anna Whitten Hall on the Arcadia Commons Campus.

If you feel your test scores don't reflect your abilities, or you have not taken the ACT or SAT, you may take a placement test in our Testing Centers on a walk-in basis. On the Texas Township Campus, visit Room 2210 or call 269.488.4235. If you are at the Arcadia Commons or Bronson Healthy Living Campuses, visit Room 211 in Anna Whitten Hall. Call 269.373.7815 for more information.

All placement tests are untimed computerized tests which will help evaluate your current skill levels in mathematics, reading and writing. Test results will be used to determine appropriate course levels. The format will vary depending on the test you are given. Allow three hours for completion. Interpretation Guidelines for placement test scores and corresponding class placement.

Prerequisite Enforcement

Courses that require either placement score or preparatory coursework may have prerequisites enforced at the time of registration. These prerequisites can be met by achieving the minimum required score on placement tests or by successfully completing the equivalent level of preparatory coursework.

Writing Reading Math
ACT Scores 13 12 13
COMPASS Scores 25 53 Pre-Algebra 19
SAT Scores 17 18 15.5
ACCUPLACER 50 34 Arithmetic 24

If our records indicate that you have not met the prerequisite, you will receive an error message (Preq and Test Score Error) and will be unable to complete your registration. You should then select the appropriate preparatory class or complete placement testing if you have not done so. If you have questions about your test scores or proper course placement, make an appointment with a counselor in the Student Success Center. Visit Room 9300 on the Texas Township Campus, Room 120 on the Arcadia Commons Campus and Room 210 on the Bronson Healthy Living Campus. You can make an appointment through your My Valley account or call 269.488.4040 (TTC/BHLC) or 269.373.7800 (ACC) to make an appointment.

Waivers for Completion of Equivalent Prerequisite Courses

Any student attempting to enroll in a class that requires a specific prerequisite course may request a waiver of that requirement if an equivalent prerequisite course has been completed with a grade of 2.0/C or better. Submit a Prerequisite Waiver Request form to the Student Success Center for review by a counselor. If the equivalent course was completed at another college or university, you must attach your transcript (unofficial transcripts are accepted).

Prerequisite Enforcement After Grades are Issued

Students currently attending a course that is a required prerequisite to another course are allowed to pre-enroll for the next level course. If you do not pass the prerequisite course with at least a 2.0 grade, you will automatically be dropped from the next level course requiring the prerequisite course before the semester begins . For example, if you are taking BIO 110 in the Fall semester, you may register to take BIO 210 during the following Winter semester. If at the end of the Fall semester you have not completed the prerequisite course or you have earned a grade lower than 2.0 in BIO 110, you will be dropped from the Winter BIO 210 course. If you have been dropped from a class due to prerequisite enforcement and have questions, contact the Counseling Office at (269) 488-4123 (TTC) or (269) 373-7834 (ACC) or by emailing counseling@kvcc.edu.

Financial aid students who are dropped from a class are strongly encouraged to consult with the Financial Aid office as the drop may affect your financial aid status. You can contact the Financial Aid Office at (269) 488-4340 or by emailing finaid@kvcc.edu.