Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Prerequisite Requirements

Course Placement Testing for First Time College Students

Kalamazoo Valley Community College (KVCC) wants students to have the best possible chance to succeed in their classes. Students attending college for the first time are required to take a basic skill assessment prior to registering for any of the courses listed in the table below. The results of the assessment will provide an appropriate level of guidance when selecting courses. If you have not taken the Compass or ACT assessment please call the Student Service Center at the Texas Township Campus (269) 488-4100 or at the Arcadia Commons Campus (269) 373-7832. Students who have taken the ACT and had their scores sent to KVCC do not need to take the Compass assessment. KVCC will accept the higher scores for students who have taken both the Compass and the ACT assessment.


Courses with an # have a required prerequisite, either placement score or preparatory coursework that will be enforced at the time of registration. These prerequisites can be met by achieving the minimum required score on the Compass or ACT placement assessment, or by successfully completing the equivalent level of preparatory coursework.
If our records do not show that you have met the prerequisite, you will receive an error message (“Preq and Test Score Error”) and will be unable to complete your registration. You should then select the appropriate preparatory course or complete placement testing if you have not done so. Students who think they have met the required prerequisite by another means or have a valid reason for the prerequisite to be waived, should contact the Counseling Center at the Texas Township Campus (269) 488-4123 or at the Arcadia Commons Campus (269) 373-7832 or by emailing counseling@kvcc.edu.