50th Anniversary
Advanced Technology Center

Computer training is available through KVCC's Advanced Technology Center in a wide variety of software applications. The TAC's CAD/CAM lab offers three types of CAD software for training including, AutoCAD 13, CADKEY 7 and Pro/Engineer. Regular courses are offered as well as we can tailor a course to meet a specific training need. Because this lab is networked we can offer training on a software package used or being considered by a specific industry. This software can be brought into the lab, loaded on a file server and made available for training.

Internet access is available in this lab and courses can be tailored to the specific interests of a local industry or other group.

SurfCAM is being installed this summer to enhance our ability to train persons in Numerical control often used in mold design and manufacturing.

Multimedia computers are to be installed in the TAC which will make us much more flexible in offering a variety of training. Software and CD ROM titles are being considered for adoption. This will enable us to make training in specific topics available to individuals or small groups. This can be done at times that the individual has available.

Or if you wish to enroll or for more information, contact us by:

Kalamazoo Valley Community College

(269) 488-4312