Early College

Early College

The Early College program allows students to earn a degree or certificate from Kalamazoo Valley Community College during an additional year of high school. Interested students should contact their high school counselor for more information and to obtain the parent/student application. Click here for the PSEO Tuition and Transcript Authorization form.

Early College Programs of Study

Kalamazoo Valley Community College offers transfer Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees to many Michigan colleges and universities. The Early College program has worked with the local high schools to make certain that a student can successfully complete all of their high school requirements while pursuing a degree or certificate. Below is a sampling of programs available through the Early College program. Students should see their high school counselor and a Kalamazoo Valley academic counselor for a list of all available programs.

Associate of Arts

Transfer degree to a four-year college

Business Administration(WMU)
Computer Information Systems(WMU)
Computer Science(WMU)
Criminal Justice(FSU)
Elementary Education(GVSU/WMU)
Secondary Education(GSVU/WMU)
Social Work(WMU)

Associate of Science

Transfer degree to a four-year college


Associate of Applied Science

Career ready degrees

Administrative Assistant
Culinary Arts & Sustainable Food Systems
Graphic Design
IT Support Technician
Machine Tool Technology


Administrative Support
Graphic Design
Office Management

Certificate of Achievement

Auto Brake Systems
Auto Suspension/Steering
CNC Operator
Dietary Manager
Help Desk
Machine Tool Operator
Network Manager
Office Software Specialist
Software Specialist
Word Processing Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

Why an Early College? Why should you consider it?

  • College costs continue to rise
  • Education beyond high school is more important than ever
  • Many careers require one-to-two years of post-secondary education
  • The workforce needs people who are skilled in areas which meet their needs

What is an Early College and what are the benefits?

  • Students have an additional year of high school for program completion
  • Students have access to support services which enhances their success
  • Students receive FREE tuition, books and supplies
  • Students are enrolled in a focused degree program

What types of support are in place for students?

  • College Success strategies course
  • Early College seminar series

Where Can I Get More Information?

  • Local high school counseling office
  • Online at www.kvcc.edu/earlycollege
  • Online at www.kresa.org/emc

Contact Information

Deborah Coates, Ed.D

Dean of Instruction, Early College