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Library Staff Spotlight
Russ Barnes - Reference Librarian, Texas Township Campus

They call me The Librarianator. I fight the dark forces of information poverty.  Okay—no one has ever called me that. Except for me-- just now.  But the second part is true--I work in a library. 

As a child I read often, but did not recognize the full power of libraries. I read Marvel Comics, and fanzines about the rock group Kiss. In those dark days before home video, I usually could only see my favorite movies once, so I’d also read novelizations in order to “see” them again.      

Libraries (and Kiss) probably warped me slightly. In 3rd grade (circa 1979) I found 1984 by George Orwell in my school library. It was beyond my reading level, but I read enough to be disturbed and forever affected by the Two Minutes Hate scene. Then I attempted some very adult psychological thriller about a disturbed gunman hijacking a school bus—it was a weird elementary library!  I learned that each library has its own secret, seductive weirdness waiting to be unearthed. Throughout my education, librarians became steadfast mentors—each an Alfred to my Batman. They empowered me to uncover my own powers. 

Some favorite recent discoveries from KVCC Libraries’ shelves--Hardcore Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies, & the Truth About Reality, The Art of Recklessness and The Road. I also read professional and social science materials related to librarianship or the general human condition.  And MEMEs. Lots of MEMEs.

I strongly relate to people through collaborative teaching and learning. I believe in order for people to fully flourish and enjoy true liberty, they need free and unobstructed connections to the information which best answers their interests and curiosities. I feel extremely fortunate (and occasionally, mildly super-heroic) helping people with their research and self-enrichment for a living.

My alter ego is a family man, retired social dance teacher, and fashionably-obscure rock god.  Come to the Reference Desk and we’ll join forces. 


Arcadia Commons Campus Library
202 N. Rose St.
Room 321

Texas Township Campus Library
6767 W. O Ave - Room 3210
269-488-4328 (general information)
269-488-4380 (reference)