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Audio-Visual [back to top]

A-V collection [back to top]
Contact: Cheryl Cavalear x4313
The library A-V collection includes videotapes, DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs, multi-media kits, maps, slides, and audio cassettes.  Both campus libraries have A-V collections, although most materials are located at the Texas Township Campus. Students must use A-V materials in the library. Instructors may check out A-V materials for use outside the library.

All A-V materials are listed in Cougar Catalog, the Kalamazoo Valley libraries online catalog, which you can search by author, title, subject, and keyword.  On the Cougar Catalog Basic Search page use a Keyword search and select Videorecordings & DVDs from the Limit box.

Library A-V equipment [back to top]
Contact: Cheryl Cavalear x4313
Arcadia Commons Campus Library:  VCR/DVD players, audio cassette dubber, gaming stations.
Texas Township Campus Library:  VCR/DVD players, audio cassette players, audio cassette dubber, X-Ray viewer, slide projectors, computers for CD-ROMs, CDs and DVDs, microfilm reader/printer, print enlarger.
Contact the Media Services department if you need A-V equipment for your classroom.

Requesting A-V material for purchase or preview [back to top]
Contact:  Chris Robbins x4331
We build the A-V collection by purchasing materials requested by instructors.  Please use the forms below to order materials or request previews. Your dean's signature is required to authorize A-V purchases.
A-V purchase request form
A-V preview request form

Video/DVD reservation service [back to top]
The library maintains a reservation system for classroom use of videos and DVDs.  Please reserve well in advance to ensure materials are available when you need them.  To reserve, contact Karen Maas x4313 or Media Services x4214 - or use the online Media Services form. Library materials requests for use at ACC require 3 business days notice.

Books [back to top]

Contact: Reference Services x4380, x7867 or Acquisitions x4464

Book collection
Use the Cougar Catalog to search for books owned by the KVCC library. The Cougar Catalog is available from any computer with Internet access. You may request that books be delivered to the campus of your choice. Books may be returned to either campus library.

Requesting books for purchase [back to top]
Contact: Jackie Zito x4464
We encourage instructors to suggest books for the library to purchase. You may contact us by phone x4464 or by email: jzito@kvcc.edu or use the online form below.
Book purchase request form
Printed book request forms are also available in the faculty offices.

Circulation & Reserve [back to top]

Contact:  ACC - Jill Storm x7848 / TTC - Cheryl Cavalear x4313

Instructor reserve service
Instructors may place their own materials or library materials on reserve for student use in either library.  Reserve materials are located behind the circulation desk.  The Reserve service is typically used for high demand items or for supplementary materials that are not required texts.  Reserve loan periods vary from 2 hours to 1 week, based on instructor preference.

Reserve Materials form
Print and complete; this form should accompany the materials you bring to the library to put on reserve.
Copyright Guidelines for Reserve Materials  
US Copyright law puts some restrictions on having photocopies on reserve. Please check these guidelines for details.  

Full and part-time instructors may borrow up to 150 items simultaneously, as follows:
General Collection materials:  Loan period is one semester; four renewals allowed
A-V materials:  Loan period and renewals based on need of instructor and whether others have reserved the items
Replacement fees are assessed if materials are lost or damaged.

You can view your Cougar Catalog library account from any computer with Internet access on or off campus to see what materials you have checked out, when they are due, and renew them.  When prompted, log in with your last name and V number.  

Facilities [back to top]

Contact:  Library Circulation Dept. x5673, then press 1

Group Study rooms
Rooms for group study and video/DVD or slide viewing are available in the Texas Township Campus library.  Use is on a first-come first-served basis.  Groups have preference over single users. Student assistants and tutors may work with students in the group rooms or at library tables.  The library is happy to provide a place to store tutor materials and signs.

Instructors must have a KVCC photo ID card to borrow materials and to access their Cougar Catalog accounts. Students are also required to have a KVCC ID card to check out any materials from the libraries. ID cards are available from the Student Service Center on either campus.

A classroom with 24 students computers, an instructor computer, printer, data projector, VCR, and document camera is located on the lower level of the Texas Township Campus library.  The classroom's primary purpose is for library instruction sessions. Instructors may also reserve the room for their own class use, but may be bumped with a minimum of two weeks' notice if the room is needed for library instruction.

Both libraries have computers that can be used for accessing Cougar Catalog, electronic magazine/journal databases, Bridges career information, online college catalogs, VIP, the Internet, email, etc. Library computers at both campuses have Microsoft Office installed.

Arcadia Commons Campus library has one student copier.  
Texas Township Campus library has one staff photocopier and one student copier on the upper level; two student copiers on lower level.  Staff copier requires an account code (check with your department for correct code).  Student copiers charge $.10 per copy.

Finding Information & Materials [back to top]

Contact:  ACC Reference Dept. x7848 / TTC Reference Dept. x4380

The library copyright guidelines for faculty: Copyright Information

The library subscribes to several online databases that provide access to the full text of thousands of magazine and journal articles, plus citations or abstracts for many more.  Go to the library's Find Articles (Databases) web page for links and descriptions. Link to Ebrary from the databases page and you'll have access to thousands of full text e-books. Databases are available from any Internet computer on or off campus. Off campus access will prompt you to log in with your KVCC user name and password (see next section). 

You will be prompted to log in with your KVCC user name and password, after which the database will open.

Research help is available to you and your students in person, by phone, email or live chat. If your students are doing an assignment that requires library use, we appreciate your sending a copy of the assignment to us in advance for our own preparation.   We keep assignments on file from year to year.

Use the Cougar Catalog to search for book and A-V materials owned by the KVCC library, as well as selected web sites. Cougar Catalog is available from any computer with Internet access.

Use Research Guides and Websites to find websites recommended by the librarians, and some in depth guides for selected subject areas.

By service & name

Library Instruction [back to top]

Contact:  ACC Reference Dept. x7867 / TTC Reference Dept. x4380

Library computer classroom
A classroom with 24 students computers, 1 instructor computer, printer, data projector, VCR, and document camera is located on the lower level of the Texas Township Campus library.  The classroom's primary purpose is for library instruction sessions. Instructors may also reserve the room for their own class use, but may be bumped with a minimum of two weeks' notice if the room is needed for library instruction.

Reference Services at both campus libraries provides customized library instruction and orientation sessions for you and your classes.  Sessions often include a walking tour of the library plus hands-on instruction in using Cougar Catalog and the library's electronic magazine/journal databases.  Special tour segments can be included, such as a look at reference materials in the class's subject area, a focus on career materials and instruction on citation formatting.  

To schedule an instruction session for your class, contact Reference Services (ACC x7867 or TTC x4380).  Let us know your objectives and we will work with you to provide an appropriate session.  

Other Libraries [back to top]

Borrowing from other libraries

If you are not a member of the Kalamazoo Public or Portage District Libraries (or their affiliates: KPL, PDL), you may obtain a Courtesy Pass to borrow from PDL.  The Courtesy Pass is a one-time pass that allows you to borrow particular, pre-identified materials.  Contact Reference Services ACC x7867 or TTC x4380.

If our library does not have what you need, we may be able to borrow it via interlibrary loan for your use.  Please note that loaned books can take as long as 2 weeks to arrive. Articles usually arrive within a few days.

Contact Reference Services to request an interlibrary loan:
     Texas Township Library:  488-4380
     Arcadia Commons Library:  373-7848

Contact Chris Robbins at 488-4331 for the status of a pending interlibrary loan.

Links to area library catalogs are available from the library web site's Other Library Catalogs page.  If you identify items of interest in another library's catalog, in many cases we can help you obtain the materials.  Contact Reference Services ACC x7848 or TTC x4380.

Periodicals [back to top]

Contact: Nancy Young x4325

Periodicals collection
The library has online and print (hard copy) periodicals. To search for a title see our list of full-text journals, magazines and newspapers. You may search by Journal Title in Cougar Catalog for hard copy periodicals owned by our libraries.

Requesting periodicals for purchase [back to top]

Please contact us if you would like to recommend magazine, journal or newspaper titles for purchase: x4325.

Materials: Gift & New [back to top]

Contact:  Jackie Zito x4464 (books) / Nancy Young x4325 (periodicals) / Chris Robbins x4331 (A-V)

Donating materials to the library
Donation Policies and Forms
The library accepts donations of books, periodicals, and A-V materials for our collection.  Paperback novels for our Grab 'n' Go (no checkout required) paperback collection are also happily accepted.  
Contact Jackie Zito for book donations x4464, Chris Robbins for A-V donations x4331, and Nancy Young for periodicals donations x4325.

The library adds new and gift materials to the collection throughout the fall and winter semesters.  You will be notified by campus mail when books you requested for purchase have been ordered.  You will also be notified when items you requested have been cataloged and are available for use.

Help us meet your needs and those of your students by letting us know your suggestions, comments, complaints. Contact any library staff member or use the online suggestion form.   We value your input.