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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning


This certificate option trains students for entry-level positions as refrigeration mechanic, air conditioning equipment installer, refrigeration conditioning equipment installer, refrigeration and air conditioning or heating equipment service trainees.

Required Classes*
HVAC 100Shop Fundamentals2-OR-
HVAC 110Duct Design2
HVAC 118Electricity/HVAC Controls I3
HVAC 119Electricity/HVAC Controls II3
HVAC 123Refrigeration I3
HVAC 124Refrigeration II3
HVAC 125EPA Recovery/Certification1
HVAC 132Heating Concepts & Systems I3
HVAC 133Heating Concepts & Systems II3
HVAC 141Sheet Metal Layout I3
HVAC 200Customer Relations1
HVAC 209Oil Burners2
HVAC 215Hydronic Heating/Hot Water Boilers2
HVAC 220Heat/Air Conditioning Systems Design3
HVAC 230Heat Pumps & Chilled Water Systems2
Minimum Total Credits: 34

*It is essential to see a counselor regarding your program of study to verify course requirements.

To make an appointment, call 269.488.4100 (TTC) or 269.373.7800 (ACC).