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Machine Tool Technology

Machine Tool Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Required Classes*
CIS 100Beginning Computer Skills2
EDMT 100 Fundamentals of Technical Drawing 3
EDMT 101 Trends in Manufacturing 3
EDMT 102 Basics of Mechanical Technology 2
EDMT 103 Fundamentals of Machine Tool Operations 4
EDMT 105 Advanced Machine Tool Operations 3
EDMT 120 Basic Fluid Power 2
EDMT 201 Tool Construction 3
EDMT 205 Plastics Tooling Construction 3
EDMT 220 Numerical Control Concepts 4
EDMT 221 Advanced Numerical Control 3
EDMT 230 Computer Aided Manufacturing w/ MasterCAM 4
EDMT 240 Machine Repair 2
ELT 100Basic Electricity2
ENG 110College Writing I3-OR-
ENG 160College Writing and Research4
ENG 127Technical Writing3
MATH 106Technical Mathematics4
WPE 112Safety and First Aid2
Political Science3
Social Science3
Minimum Total Credits: 62

*It is essential to see a counselor regarding your program of study to verify course requirements.

To make an appointment, call 269.488.4100 (TTC) or 269.373.7800 (ACC).