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Programs of Study Introduction Program Intro

Programs of Study

Thank you for your interest in Kalamazoo Valley Community College and in the programs that we offer. The booklet you are holding, entitled Programs of Study, is an official and comprehensive overview of the programs offered at Kalamazoo Valley, including those designed to put you directly into the workforce and those designed to prepare you for further education at a four-year college or university.

As you review this booklet you will notice that Kalamazoo Valley programs are categorized under six convenient Career Pathways and Career Academy options. They are:

A Career Pathway is one of six major categories under which all occupations can be grouped. The occupations within a Career Pathway share similar characteristics, and the people working within these occupations share common interests, strengths, and competencies.

Definition of Degrees and Credentials

Within the six Career Pathways, you will find program listings. The listings are further subdivided by the type of degree or certificate awarded in each area. Kalamazoo Valley awards the following:

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree

a degree requiring completion of 62 credit hours or more, preparing the graduate for immediate employment.

The Associate of Arts or of Science (AA or AS) Degree

a degree requiring completion of 62 credit hours or more, preparing the graduate to transfer to a baccalaureate degree granting college or university. Only a sampling of these degrees are listed in this booklet. Other degrees exist and transfer to these and other colleges and universities. It is strongly recommended that you see a counselor if you are interested in transferring after you graduate from Kalamazoo Valley.

Certificate (CERT) Programs

a one-year certificate requiring completion of 30 credit hours or more, preparing you for a specialized occupation.

Certificate of Achievement (COA) Programs

a certificate of achievement requires fewer courses than a regular certificate program providing training in a specific set of job or employment skills.

Career Academy Certificates (KVCA)

a non-credit competency based certification earned through a career academy providing training in a specific set of skills for employment in a specific occupation.