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Untitled Document The Career Decision-Making Process

To one degree or another, everyone follows the same basic steps in making a career decision. The six fundamental steps include: self-assessment, career exploration, decision making, job search, working and reflecting. We encourage you to follow the systematic and purposeful approach suggested on this website and seek the advice and guidance of a KVCC career counselor. When you do, we are sure you will find that the career decision-making process is a more streamlined and effective way to make a fulfilling career choice. Read on to discover the valuable services available to you at no cost.

  1. Self-Assessment
    The Career Services offices (Texas Township Campus and Arcadia Commons Campus) provide career assessments for students who need assistance in career decision-making. Determining your interests, personality, values, and strengths is an important step in the career decision-making process. Among the assessments available to students are the Strong Interest Inventory, Do What You Are, Career Cruising, and StrengthsQuest.
  2. Career Exploration
    Occupational information systems can help you narrow your career selections by providing informa­tion about work activities, national-and state-based salaries, job outlook, required skills, and educational requirements related to a field of interest. In addition to these systems, the Career Services offices house a wide variety of printed resources.
  3. Making a Decision
    Personal help is available in selecting a career. Career counselors are available to assist you in developing a Career Action Plan to successfully achieve your educational and career goals. Individual appointments can be made with a career counselor who will help you sort through the many issues and factors that impact a career decision and help guide you on a clear path.
  4. The Job Search
    A very important step in launching a successful career is the job search itself. Assistance is available through Student Employment Services in helping you to look for a job, write a resume and cover letter, and prepare for the job interview.
  5. The Job/Reflect
    Once on the job, we encourage you to continue taking classes at KVCC. It is good to evaluate your circumstances from time to time and determine whether more education and training are needed. We encourage you to be a life-long learner and welcome you back to KVCC.

For more information about specific assessments, tools, and career resources relating to the career decision-making process, click on "Back to pyramid"