Career Assessments - Determining Your Interest

The Career and Student Employment Services offices on both the Texas Township Campus and the Arcadia Commons Campus provide free career assessments if you are trying to determine which career is right for you. Knowing what you enjoy, what’s important to you, what you are good at and what you’re like as a person will help you determine potential satisfying careers.

The assessments offered include:

Strong Interest Inventory® (Interest)

The Strong Interest Inventory is a 291 items assessment, which measures a person's interest in 130 occupations, providing a dependable guide for career change and development. Supported by years of solid research, the Strong represents men and women covering a wide range of ages, ethnic groups, and socio-economic levels. The instrument can be used for career planning and development, career transition, college major selection and midlife/retirement planning. Administered via the web and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

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Do What You Are® (Personality)

"Do What You Are" is a personality assessment used for improving communication skills, learning about individual strengths and weaknesses, and helping people make the most satisfying career decision. Learning about personality types provides a person with accurate and invaluable insights about themselves and their career-related needs. This tool enables them to make the most informed, satisfying college and career decisions. Personality Type is the foundation of the program because people are happiest and most successful in jobs that allow them to use their greatest natural gifts. Personality Type is the best way of determining what those gifts are, and in which occupations they find the greatest opportunity for expression. The program has both personality type and interest components in the assessment. Administered via the web and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

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Career Cruising (Career Exploration)

A comprehensive career guidance system that provides information on assessments, careers, education, and employment. Enter your Valley Id (using a capital V) to begin researching career information.

StrengthsQuest™ (Strengths)

StrengthsQuest, Gallup's strengths development program for college-age students, gives people the opportunity to develop strengths by building on their greatest talents--the way in which they most naturally think, feel, and behave as unique individuals. Grounded in Positive Psychology and the Clifton StrengthsFinder, StrengthsQuest, has helped more than 500,000 students, staff, and faculty members on 600 campuses achieve academic, career, and personal success. With StrengthsQuest, students can: