On Campus Student Employment

National studies have shown that student employment and engagement are positively linked to success and completion. See the Noel-Levitz white paper Enhancing Student Success by Treating "Student Jobs" as "Real Jobs"


What is student employment?

What are the eligibility requirements?

How many hours per week are student employees are allowed to work?

What is federal work study and how do I know if I'm eligible to participate in the work study program?

What is the rate of pay for student employment or Federal Work Study positions?

How do I apply for student employment positions?

Do I need a resume?

What if I have more questions?

How to be a Successful Student Employee:

Accountability & Reliability

Professionalism – Approach, Conduct & Appearance

Taking Initiative – Going the Extra Mile

Transferable Soft Skills All Employers are Seeking in Candidates
State of Michigan eLearning Soft Skills Program - Fourteen eLearning modules on Lifelong Soft Skills that will help you develop necessary skills for workplace success.