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Academic Advising

Academic advising is an on-going and intentional process of meeting with a counselor to achieve academic success through guided and constructive discussion, degree and career exploration, evaluating skills and strengths, selection of coursework based on ACT/Compass placement test, program advising, academic planning, transfer program planning, decision making and problem solving.

If personal problems and concerns are impacting your academic performance and success, your counselor can address those concerns during your appointment. Additionally, an academic advising appointment may lead to referrals to other needed resources on or off campus.

How a counselor CAN help

arrow Give you sound academic advice
arrow Serve as a sounding board
arrow Choose suitable courses
arrow Complete a long-range plan and select a major

What a counselor CANNOT do
arrow Make decisions for you
arrow Register you for classes
arrow Tell you what courses to take
arrow Be the only source of advice as you choose a major
arrow Serve all your advising needs

Preparing to meet with a Counselor

You are expected to

Sample questions to ask during your advising appointment

Counselors are available at both campuses
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