Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Frequently Asked Questions Counseling Frequently Asked Questions

  1. arrow When should I see a counselor? Where are they located?
  2. arrow How long will my appointment take?
  3. arrow How many times can I meet with a counselor?
  4. arrow Is there a fee for counseling?
  5. arrow How many times can I retest in COMPASS?
  6. arrow Where and when do I get my student ID?
  7. arrow What is VIP? How do I access it?
  8. arrow Do I have to register online, or can I come in?
  9. arrow I have a few previous college credits, how do I know if they will count. How do I get them here?
  10. arrow I received AP/IB/EFE credits in high school. How do I receive credit for that at Valley?
  11. arrow Can I receive credit from my military experience?
  12. arrow Can I receive credit from my work experience?
  13. arrow How do I apply for financial aid?
  14. arrow When do I buy my books? Can books be purchased online?
  15. arrow How do I figure out my GPA?
  16. arrow How do I change my major?
  17. arrow Why do I need to take those general education classes?
  18. arrow What is a "Petition to Graduate"?
  19. arrow Where can I get a list of offices and phone numbers?

Counselors are Available at Both Campuses

If you would like to E-mail the counseling office, please Click