New To Kalamazoo Valley?

To ensure your success and correct course placement, you must have test scores on file before registering for classes. Kalamazoo Valley accepts a variety of test scores, including the ACT and SAT. If you did not have your test scores sent directly to Kalamazoo Valley when you originally took the ACT, you can have ACT submit your scores by going to (Kalamazoo Valley’s ACT code is 2016.) For the winter 2017 semester, we will also accept new SAT scores from tests taken March 2016 or after. (Kalamazoo Valley’s SAT code is 1378). Students can get their scores by logging in to their account at Scores can also be submitted to the Student Success Center, Room 9300, on the Texas Township Campus or Room 120 in Anna Whitten Hall on the Arcadia Commons Campus.

If you feel your test scores don’t reflect your abilities, or your have not taken the ACT or SAT, you may take a placement test in our Testing Centers on a walk-in basis. On the Texas Township Campus, visit Room 2210 or call 269.488.4235. If you are at the Arcadia Commons or Bronson Healthy Living Campuses, visit Room 211 in Anna Whitten Hall. Call 269.373.7815 for more information.

Kalamazoo Valley enforces college level placement in most courses. The required minimum levels for entry into these classes are listed in the table below. If you have not met the minimum in one or more score placement requirements, you must see a counselor to develop a success plan and review your options.

Writing Reading Math
ACT scores 13 12 13
Compass Scores 25 53 Pre-Algebra 19
SAT: Test Scores 17 18 15.5
ACCUPLACER 50 34 Arithmetic 24

First-Time College Students

If you’ve never been to college before, you are required to attend New Student Orientation. At orientation, counselors will interpret test scores for you and review how these test scores relate to course choices. Counselors will assist you in selecting your first semester of classes and will demonstrate how to register for classes online. Counselors help undecided students identify courses that will be needed for completion of any degree.

After starting your classes, schedule an appointment with a counselor to make sure you are on track and prepared for next semester.

Current & Returning Students

Students with current or previous Kalamazoo Valley credits should see a counselor for program guides and accurate information on course choices. Counselors can advise you on program options, assist in course selection, discuss transfer options and course scheduling. As you progress through college, counselors are available to help with personal concerns and college-related issues such as time management, motivation and stress.

Transfer Students

Students coming to Kalamazoo Valley from another college or university should meet with a counselor to review how transferred credits will apply toward a Kalamazoo Valley program. Counselors can assist you in selection courses so that you do no duplicate any previously earned credits. Students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university after completing their associate degree at Kalamazoo Valley should meet with a counselor to ensure that courses transfer appropriately. Counselors can help you select courses and provide you with information, guidance and resources to make a successful transition to another college or university.

Guest Student

Whether you are already attending another college or university or are a recent high school graduate waiting to go away to school in the fall, you are welcome at Kalamazoo Valley! We strongly suggest that you consult with your current college or university to make sure that the class you will be taking at Kalamazoo Valley will be accepted as transfer credits. Our counselors are available to guide you as well, however, your current institution has the final say in what they will accept for transfer credit.

  • Complete a Transcript Request Form at Admissions, Records and Registration Office at the end of semester to guarantee that you receive credit for the courses you took while visiting Kalamazoo Valley.
  • Kalamazoo Promise Students

    Kalamazoo Promise scholarship recipients attending Kalamazoo Valley are required to meet with their Kalamazoo Promise Coach, Monteze Morales, to complete your Scholarship Acceptance Form to initiate the use of your scholarship at Kalamazoo Valley. You are also required to attend New Student Orientation. If you receive less than a 2.0 in any course at the end of each semester, you should schedule an academic counseling appointment, as well as contact your Kalamazoo Promise Coach, as it may affect your progress toward goal completion and your Kalamazoo Promise scholarship status.
    More information on Kalamazoo Promise Services.

    International Students

    Kalamazoo Valley welcomes international students. We typically enroll more than 130 students from 30 different countries. View the admissions process. After being accepted to Kalamazoo Valley, you can make an appointment with a counselor to select your classes.

    Early College Students

    Students who are accepted into Early College should plan to attend an EC New Student/Parent Open House in the spring. Before enrolling in classes at Kalamazoo Valley, EC students will take a College Success Strategies course in their home high school; this is usually taken as a 10th grader but each local high school has its own requirements. Check with your high school counselor on your specific requirements. Prior to taking any Kalamazoo Valley classes students will need to meet with both their high school counselor to be certain their selected high school class schedule meets the Michigan Merit Curriculum and a Kalamazoo Valley academic counselor to select classes which fulfill the selected program of study. Meetings with both counselors should happen each semester until graduation from the Early College program.

    Dual Enrolled/Home Schooled Students

    Dual enrolled/home schooled students should consult with their high school counselor/representative before meeting with a counselor at Kalamazoo Valley. Your high school counselor/representative will help you select your classes. To ensure success in college classes, students are strongly recommended to attend New Student Orientation. After starting classes, schedule an appointment with a counselor to make sure you are on track and prepared for next semester.

    Lifelong Learning Students

    Many students attend Kalamazoo Valley to upgrade their skills, prepare for a new career or simply experience personal enrichment. Counselors are available to help you with class selection and make suggestions regarding you current and future plans.