Public Safety Services

Emergency Messages

KVCC Public Safety Department is the only department on campus that delivers emergency messages to students and staff. The department's criteria for delivering messages are very strict and typically limited to medical emergencies or death in the family.

Medical Emergencies


ALL INJURIES, no matter how minor, that occur on campus must be reported to KVCC Public Safety Department. Public Safety makes a written report documenting how and where the accident occurred. Go in person to the Public Safety Department on either campus, call 269-488-4575 for the Texas Township Campus, 269-373-7939 for the Arcadia Commons Campus, or pick up a RED/BLUE EMERGENCY PHONE to report a medical emergency.


KVCC staff must report all injuries to their supervisor, and to the KVCC Public Safety Department. The Public Safety Department provides the necessary forms to be completed at the time of injury. These forms are necessary to seek medical treatment due to a work-related injury.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items are to be turned into the KVCC Public Safety Department located in room 5120 at TTC, and in Room 113 in Anna Whitten Hall on the downtown campus.
To claim property that was lost, you must bring a picture ID to the KVCC Public Safety Department and provide a detailed description of the property. All property that is turned into the KVCC Public Safety Department is held up to three months.

Motorist Assistance

KVCC Public Safety Department assists motorists stranded by mechanical failure on campus. Officers provide battery jump-starts, lock-outs or help in obtaining a tow service. Students, staff, and visitors requesting assistance must sign a waiver form before services can be provided. Requesters must provide a valid driver’s license and sign a waiver form. Assistance may be requested by calling 269-488-4575 (TTC), 269-373-7939 (ACC) or any of the RED/BLUE EMERGENCY PHONES.

Unlocking Doors

Due to extenuating circumstances, staff and faculty may need assistance entering locked rooms. Contact the Public Safety Department by using a RED EMERGENCY PHONE or 269-488-4575 (TTC), 269-373-7939 (ACC). A picture ID is required at the time of service.
Contractors – KVCC Facilities and Public Safety Department have keys that can be released to contractors on a daily basis. Contractors requiring keys must appear in person and provide valid identification at the Facilities or Public Safety Department to sign out the keys.

Personal Escorts

KVCC Public Safety Department Personal Escorts are available to enhance your safety and peace of mind while walking after dark.
The primary goal of the Personal Escort is to enable students, staff, and visitor to travel to and from one location to another with a greater sense of safety.
The personal escort is provided by certified Public Safety Officers and Campus Security officers. Contact KVCC Public Safety by using a RED/BLUE EMERGENCY PHONE or go to the Public Safety Office on campus to arrange for a personal escort. In the event of a delay, please be patient.