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How to be successful

how to be successful

how to be successful


The First Day
  • Take a tour and locate your classrooms before the semester begins.
  • Make sure to attend the first class.
  • Be sure to read the course outline syllabus thoroughly and learn your instructor's policies regarding grading, absences, office hours, etc.
  • Have a three ring binder for each class. Put the course outline in the very front and refer to it often!

Before Class
  • Read any assigned chapters in your text prior to class.
  • Take notes from your reading and outline important concepts.
  • Make a vocabulary list of definitions from your reading.

In Class
  • Go to every class session!
  • Take detailed notes.
  • Ask questions when you don't understand a concept or assignment.
  • Participate in classroom activities.

Test Taking Study Skills
  • Study for your test a little bit each day (Do not cram the night before).
  • Re-read all of your class notes and your text notes several times.
  • Make flashcards of vocabulary lists.
  • Go to a tutoring session to get any questions answered before the test.
  • Study with someone from your class.

During the test
  • Eat a piece of chocolate before hand to stimulate your memory/concentration!
  • Take a deep breath and be confident.
  • Quickly preview the test to see how much time you will have for each question.
  • Do not leave any questions blank.
  • After you finish the test, go back and visit questions you were unsure about-but don't second guess yourself.
  • If you have severe testing anxiety, check with your instructor to see if you can take it in the testing center.
  • When you get your test back, look carefully at what you missed. Check to see if the instructor made any mistakes in grading and clarify why you missed what you did.

If you have to miss a class
  • Have at least two names and #'s of classmates from whom you can get notes and missed assignments.
  • Email or call your instructor to let him/her know you will be gone (check course outline to see what your instructor prefers).
  • If you are gone for a medical reason, be sure to get documentation from your doctor and bring it to your instructor.
  • If you know your are going to be gone during a test or quiz, ask your instructor if you can take it early in the testing center.

  • Establish a goal for your GPA.
  • Read your course outline to determine the points you need to reach your goal.
  • Do all assignments and turn them in on time.
  • Record on a Grading Sheet what points you earn for each assignment.
  • Do not miss any tests or quizzes.
  • Check with your instructors to see if there is any extra credit and/or what you can do to improve your grade.

  • Complete assignments on time.
  • Make a plan for when and where you can best complete the assignment.
  • Consider the Learning Center/Library.
  • Take papers to the Writing Center for review before turning them in.

My Valley

My Valley is the central location for all of KVCC's web services.

My Valley is where you

  • Register for classes, find out your latest financial aid information, get your college email, grades, program information and much more.

How do I get to MyValley?

  • Go to www.kvcc.edu and click on the MyValley link.

How to log in to MyValley

  • Your user name is the first letter of your first name, up to 10 characters of your last name and the last four digits of your V-number. Example: psmith2345

What is my initial password?

  • Your initial password is your six-digit birth date. Example: Feb. 13, 1995 is 021395


Moodle is located on your MyValley homepage and is KVCC's online learning management system.

Moodle is where

You can email your instructors or get access to their websites.

Instructors may post their lectures, syllabus, grading system and many other helpful tools for your class to use.

Some instructors give quizzes and tests via this route.

Announcements about classes being cancelled, assignments changing or comments by classmates may be posted.

Check every semester to see to what extent your instructors are using Moodle for your classes.

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