50th Anniversary

Computer System & Technologies

Use of Institutional Technologies: All registered students may use the computers and software available in the student computer labs, libraries and where publicly accessible; only programming students may have access to the main instructional computer system.

Account and System Integrity: Students shall respect the integrity of computing systems at the institution and at other institutions; i.e., users shall not seek unauthorized access to any system or intentionally damage or tamper with the software or hardware components of any computer system. Users of the computers at the institution shall respect the privacy of other computer accounts reachable through the computing resources; i.e., unless explicitly authorized to do so, users shall not intentionally seek confidential information, read or copy files, install software on the institution's computers, or use accounts and identification other than their own.

Software Copyrights: The institution requires the respect of intellectual property rights. Copyrighted documentation and software may not be duplicated, photocopied, reproduced, translated, or reduced to any medium or machine readable form in whole or part without prior written consent from the owner of the copyright. Illegal software copying is a violation of copyright laws and may result in legal as well as institutional sanctions.

Using the World Wide Web and Privacy: Because the institution's network can access computer systems around the world, users must understand that the institution and the system administrators do not have control of the content of information residing on these other systems. Users are advised that some systems may contain defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane or illegal material. The institution does not permit or condone the use of its computer resources to publish or redistribute such material. Users of the institution's computers should realize that nothing on the computer systems is private.

Harassment: Users of the computer resources at the institution are to act according to the policies stated here and elsewhere in the student handbook. Computer users shall not engage in behavior or language that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for others. Individual departments may have additional rules concerning the usage of institutional computers.