50th Anniversary
Student Computer Lab Rules

  • Current KVCC enrollment is required.
  • The College's computer resources may be used for College-related business and instructional purposes only (no chatting, game playing or video watching).
  • Users of the College's computers shall not seek unauthorized access to any computer system or computer account at the College or elsewhere.
  • Users of the College's computers shall not intentionally damage or tamper with the software or hardware components of any computer system.
  • The College's computers shall not be used to harass, intimidate, or create an offensive environment for other users.
  • Users of the lab should maintain a quiet study atmosphere.
  • Copyrighted documentation and software shall not be duplicated, photocopied, reproduced, translated, or reduced to any medium or machine readable form in whole or part.
  • Users shall not install software on the College's computers.
  • NO FOOD or DRINK CONTAINERS are allowed in computer labs or classrooms.
  • No children in the lab.
  • Silence or turn off all pagers and cell phones.

Any questions concerning the Student Computer Labs, do not hesitate to stop by the lab desk situated by the entrance.