Prior Learning Assessment Office

What is Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)?

PLA is the evaluation and assessment of an individual's life learning for college credit. Learning may be acquired through work, corporate training programs, military service, and noncredit workshops. The knowledge you have accumulated may be equivalent to college-level learning and therefore may be eligible for KVCC college credit.

We can help you determine if

  • your learning is closely related to specific KVCC courses.
  • your past experience is in subject areas that can be applied to your degree requirements.
  • your knowledge is current.
  • you can demonstrate understanding of principles and practices associated with your specific knowledge and skills.

In the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) office, our aim is to help further your educational process by acknowledging the knowledge you attained through life experiences.

There are a variety of options to assess and evaluate your experiential learning. Working with you, the PLA office will explore these options and the potential for earning college credit.

Please familiarize yourself with our PLA Policy.

Let the Prior Learning Assessment office

  • Save you time and money
  • Explain the PLA program and options
  • Walk you through steps of the PLA process
  • Provide you with on-going support
  • Connect you with KVCC resources