Steps to Request Portfolio Credits

Acknowledge the Knowledge, Save yourself time and money!

  1. The PLA Office will inform the student of the preparation process and components required when compiling a portfolio. The office also reviews the readiness of the portfolio to ensure all components are in place before it is presented to the department for evaluation. The student will then be given a request form to complete.
  2. The student takes the request form to the Pay Station and pays a nonrefundable $30.00 per credit hour fee before the portfolio is submitted to the department.  The Pay Station office signs the request form and sends the form back to the PLA Office.
  3. The PLA Office forwards the portfolio and the prior learning request form to the appropriate department who identifies which faculty member will evaluate the portfolio.
  4. The appropriate faculty member evaluates the material presented, decides how many PLA credits to award and indicates if a grade earned of (2.0 - 4.0) should be issued.
  5. The PLA Office ensures the credit(s) are posted to the students transcript.  A copy of the transcript will be mailed to the student.