Acknowledge the Knowledge

Acknowledge the knowledge from your past and earn college credit today!

Steps to Apply for Credit for Prior Learning

The Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process begins with a meeting between the student and the PLA office. The initial conversation will focus on the various methods of awarding prior learning credit. A determination will be made whether the student is eligible for college credit through one or more of the options available. When appropriate, the student will be asked to fill out the PLA request form to begin the process.

"Compiling a portfolio was actually an affirming experience for me. I gathered together certificates from all the training I'd received over the years, then listed in detail the multitude of experience I'd gained through different jobs I'd held. When I compared those things to the outline for the class I was seeking credit for, I felt certain that I would be awarded the credit I needed. The Prior Learning Assessment Office made things very easy for me - providing a variety of resources and tips on what to include in the portfolio."
- Jennifer M.

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When the evaluation process for each method is successfully completed, the PLA credits will will be posted to the student's transcript.  Written notification will be provided to the student when everything has been finalized.