50th Anniversary

Testing Center Policies – Texas Township Campus

In an effort to make the relationship between the Testing Center and the faculty whom we serve run as smoothly as possible, we would like to outline our current policies. Please help us by familiarizing yourself and your students with how we work so that we can help you better!

  • The Testing Center is intended for make-up tests only. We do not currently have the resources to accommodate an entire class at one time, as we have a limited number of testing stations available at any time. If you need to submit a first-run exam (i.e. a test that would normally be given during your class time), you must arrange it with the Testing Center supervisors only. Our desk clerks cannot arrange this service for you.
  • Our current hours of operation are posted in the Testing Center, the Learning Center, and in Faculty Reception. Holiday hours will also be posted at those locations as needed.
  • Test drop-off boxes and work orders are located in the Testing Center and in the mail room of Faculty Reception. Without a properly completed work order attached, your test cannot be processed; the work orders tell us how to administer your tests. Tests are picked up according to a schedule posted by both boxes. Tests are not immediately available for students after they are dropped off, because every test must be processed by our staff. The pink schedule by each box will tell you when tests are processed.
  • We currently have 41 computer stations available for testing. If you’d like to set up computerized tests for students, please email us or stop by and provide us with the course number, your name, the student’s name, the name of the test, and any passwords that will be required. It is absolutely not our policy to let students have access to these passwords.
  • A valid KVCC ID is required for every student who uses the Testing Center. We will not give out a test out to any student without this ID.
  • Please make sure that your students come to us knowing your last name, your course number (for example: ENG 098), and the name or number of the test they need to take. Without this important information, we don’t know which test they want.
  • During midterms and finals each semester, we tend to get very busy and students may have to wait for an available table. Just like a fancy restaurant, only much less fun, we have to have students sign their names to a waiting list.
  • When a student has completed your test, the next business day you’ll find a notice in your mail box. The test is then filed under your last name in the gray filing cabinet located in the Testing Center. If you have difficulty locating tests, or you feel that the notice was sent to you in error, please contact us as soon as possible. Do not send students up to us if this happens; it’s important that we speak with you personally. If you receive another instructor’s test by mistake, please either return it to us or to that instructor. You are also welcome to pick up completed tests directly from us the day that they have been taken.
  • Let your students know that closing time means closing time; we will take their tests whether or not they are finished. Our last test will be handed out an hour before we close each day.
  • When a test is past its cut-off date, we pull it from our files and destroy it. If you would like to extend the cut-off date for a test, please call us before the test expires, or it may already have been destroyed. Blank tests will only be returned to you if you let us know to add your name to our Do Not Destroy list.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we’d be happy to talk with you. We’re located in room 2210, and we can be reached at x4460. You can also email testcenter@kvcc.edu.