Student Online Orientation Letter

Dear Student:

You have registered for an internet-enhanced or web-based course at Kalamazoo Valley Community College. Your instructor uses our learning management system – Moodle – to deliver content such as the grade book, online homework, and/or testing online. Successful completion of the online orientation is required before you can access your courses in Moodle. You are required to complete the online orientation only one time.

This orientation is designed to help you become familiar with the features of Moodle. The videos and text-based materials are designed to help you learn to use Moodle tools and to navigate through a course. You are expected to have basic Internet and email skills before beginning the orientation.

To access the online orientation:

If you have difficulties accessing the orientation, please contact the student computer lab at 488-4250 (Texas Township campus) or 373-7814 (Anna Whitten Hall).