Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Online Orientation Letter Online Orientation To Moodle

Before taking an online class at KVCC, students must successfully complete an Online Orientation to Moodle. This orientation can be taken at any time after you have been admitted to KVCC and have received your VIP username and password.

After successfully completing the orientation, you will be able to access your online courses in Moodle. Successful completion is defined as answering 16 out of 20 multiple choice questions correctly. The orientation can be taken as many times as needed; however, students are required to successfully complete the Online Orientation only one time.

This orientation is designed to help online learners become familiar with the features of our online learning management system – Moodle. In this course, students will complete several modules to learn to use the tools of the system as well as how to navigate through an online course. Students are expected to have basic Internet and e-mail skills before beginning the orientation.

PERFORMANCE GOALS: Upon completion of the Online Orientation, the student will:

  1. navigate within Moodle successfully
  2. be prepared to use Moodle for their academic courses online
  3. successfully use a discussion board
  4. successfully upload and retrieve files
  5. interact with others in an online environment

To access the Online Orientation:

  • Click on the Orientation link at the bottom of this page
  • Enter your username and password

If you have difficulties accessing the orientation, please contact the Student Computer Lab at 488-4250 (Texas Township campus) or 373-7814 (Anna Whitten Hall).