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Policy and Process Statements for Students


ECARS “Pursuit of Class” Definition:

Attendance is defined as any action on the part of the student (after registration) that demonstrates pursuit of class. As defined by Academic Services at Kalamazoo Valley Community College attendance is defined as TWO specific actions on the part of the student (after registration) that demonstrate pursuit of class. To be considered in attendance for E-CARS, a KVCC student must do BOTH of the following:

  1. Attend at least one class session during the E-CARS reporting period.
    For web courses, the first requirement (attending one class session) is defined as logging into the course at least once and downloading the class assignment schedule.


  1. Submit at least one assignment, quiz, or test as determined by the instructor.

ADA/Student Access:

The Office For Student Access is designed to meet the individual needs of students with physical, psychiatric, or learning disabilities. The College has a long history of service to students with disabilities and is committed to removing barriers to help students not only reach their potential, but become academically competitive within their programs. To initiate services or for more information, please call: Voice: (269) 488-4397 - TTD: (269) 488-4358.

Student Support Services:

Through Academic Counseling, Career Counseling, Credit for Prior Learning, Transfer Assistance, Student Activities, Student Access, Life Resources, and an Advocacy Program, the Student Success Center (SSC) is a resource center which brings together campus services to help students achieve their professional and personal academic goals. We provide one-on-one assistance to students which lend the personal touch so the students may be successful and reach their objectives. For more information on how to obtain assistance from the SSC: https://www.kvcc.edu/services/successcenter/

Moodle Orientation:

Moodle is our learning management system (LMS).  We use Moodle to access the class materials, assignments, and exams. To access the Moodle course content, you need to complete the one-time Moodle orientation located at when you log into MyValley and go to MyClasses area.  You need to complete the exam with 80% accuracy to gain access.

Acceptable Use Policy:

Cabinet Member Operating Policy: http://home.kvcc.edu/operatingpolicies/CMOP5010.htm

Copyright Compliance:

Cabinet Member Operating Policy: http://home.kvcc.edu/operatingpolicies/CMOP5020.htm

Student Complaint Process for Out of State Enrollments:

KVCC works in cooperation with the MCCVLC (Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative) to comply with governmental regulations to provide online learning courses to students outside of Michigan.

In compliance with the following Higher Education Opportunities Act of 2008 the following information is also available for out of state students:

Institutional Information - Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (b) The institution must make available for review to any enrolled or prospective student upon request, a copy of the documents describing the institution’s accreditation and its State, Federal, or tribal approval or licensing. The institution must also provide its students or prospective students with contact information for filing complaints with its accreditor and with its State approval or licensing entity and any other relevant State official or agency that would appropriately handle a student’s complaint."

The following list provides contact information, by state, for students: Student Complaint State Resources

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