Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Worth It

"Kalamazoo Valley is worth it to me because I get experience in the field I want to go into."

Alex L, Student

"It almost has the university feel, but closer to home. It’s been really rewarding for me."

Natalie R, Student

"Kalamazoo Valley gives me a chance to get out of the cycle of poverty that I grew up in."

Krysta M, Student

"The teachers, the faculty, the guidance counselors really wanted to see me succeed."

Jason B, Alum

We can help you find a career path.

The Career Services Office provides personalized assistance with the career decision-making process. A Career Advisor will help you identify your talents, interests and values and set clear educational goals for yourself. The ultimate goal is a satisfying, meaningful career.

Summer Registration Dates

SummerTime Registration OpensNumber of Credits
Monday, March 167:00 a.m.48
Tuesday, March 177:00 a.m.36
Wednesday, March 187:00 a.m.24
Thursday, March 197:00 a.m.12
Friday, March 207:00 a.m.Everyone

Fall Registration Dates

FallTime Registration OpensNumber of Credits
Monday, April 67:00 a.m.48
Tuesday, April 77:00 a.m.36
Wednesday, April 87:00 a.m.24
Thursday, April 97:00 a.m.12
Friday, April 107:00 a.m.Everyone


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