50th Anniversary
Worth It

Worth It

"Kalamazoo Valley has given me a better sense of my dreams, ambitions and goals in life."

Jamaal Thomas

"Kalamazoo Valley set the stage for success for the rest of my career. I know first-hand that Kalamazoo Valley is entirely worth it."

Matt L, Alum

"Kalamazoo Valley is worth it to me because I get experience in the field I want to go into."

Alex L, Student

"It almost has the university feel, but closer to home. It’s been really rewarding for me."

Natalie R, Student

"Kalamazoo Valley gives me a chance to get out of the cycle of poverty that I grew up in."

Krysta M, Student

"The teachers, the faculty, the guidance counselors really wanted to see me succeed."

Jason B, Alum

Career and Student Employment Services

The Career Services Office provides personalized assistance with the career decision-making process. A Career Advisor will help you identify your talents, interests and values and set clear educational goals for yourself. The ultimate goal is a satisfying, meaningful career. To make an appointment with a career advisor, call the Student Success Center at 269.488.4123.

It is possible to graduate from college without a lot of debt!

Do the math, Kalamazoo Valley's tuition and fees are among the lowest in the state of Michigan, more than 67% more affordable than the national average. This means you'll graduate from college, prepared for some of the most in-demand careers in the state without the debt of a four-year college or university. It is possible to complete an associate degree at Kalamazoo Valley with little or no debt before you transfer on to a four-year college or university! Plus, Kalamazoo Valley offers many forms of financial aid to students who qualify.

Annual tuition and fees for a full-time student:

Fall Registration

WinterTime Registration OpensNumber of Credits
Monday, April 48:00 a.m.48
Tuesday, April 58:00 a.m.36
Wednesday, April 68:00 a.m.24
Thursday, April 78:00 a.m.12
Friday, April 88:00 a.m.Everyone


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