Community Partnerships & Cultural Enrichment

Board Policy 409

A report on community partnerships and cultural enrichment shall be provided for the following categories:

  1. Community Opinion
  2. Awareness of and satisfaction with the Institution will be measured through a community survey, conducted at least once every five years, which measures trends over time.

  3. Facility Use
  4. A summary of facility usage by type of facility and type of user will be reported annually, showing trends over time. Feedback from users who complete the user form will be incorporated into this report.

  5. Special Events
  6. Attendance at special events hosted by the College will be tracked and reported.

  7. Financial Support
  8. The KVCC Foundation will make an annual report of its financial status, including a financial audit, donors, operating budget including sources, disbursement of funds policy, investment policy, expenditure guidelines, status of each fund, and established fund raising priorities. Millage election outcomes will be reported as appropriate with analysis of voting patterns.

  9. High School Partnerships
  10. Annual report on the number of EFE high school graduates who enroll at KVCC by program with trends over time.

  11. Number and Variety of Activities Available
  12. Event bookings at the museum, artist forum, and cultural diversity.

  13. Number of People Attending
  14. Summary of attendance by event and general admission to the museum, revenues generated if appropriate, and demographics of attendees.