Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set up a Payment Plan?

  1. Go to
  2. Select: Payment Plan
    There is a $30.00 enrollment fee.

When is tuition due?

  • Tuition due dates change every term. Dates are posted in the schedule, on-line, in the pay station, or by calling the college.
  • During early registration tuition is due by the posted tuition due date.
  • During final registration tuition is due within 5 business days of registering.

How do I pay my tuition?

  • Cash

    • Yes, we accept cash for tuition at Texas Township and Acadia Commons.
    • We do have a drop box that can also be used for payments.
  • Check

    • Students can pay by check at Texas Township and Acadia Commons.
    • Checks Can be sent to the college (c/o Pay Station) to Texas Township.
  • Credit/Debit Card

    • Payment can be made on the web 24 hours a day, using Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express (credit or debit) or directly with a checking or savings account.
    • If a student uses someone else’s credit card to pay their tuition, the credit card must be signed, and when the student signs the receipt they print the name of the person on the charge slip and sign their own name under the signature line. If there is an issue with the credit card the student will be responsible for the amount due.
    • The pay station does not take credit card payments over the phone.
    • A student can make partial payments during the early registration period, however, if the amount is not paid in full, some or all classes MAY be dropped.
    • Other payments for classes:
      • All 3rd party payments are handled through the Financial Services Department. This includes MET, Army, company and organizations that pay for students expenses.

Do I get a refund?

  • The student does not need to do anything to get a refund. If they have a credit balance it will be refunded.
  • Refunds to credit cards for classes dropped are processed after the drop/add period. If students wish an earlier refund they may call the pay station if they are not going to add any additional classes and the refund will be done in 2 to 3 business days.
  • Refunds for cash and check payments are also processed after the drop/add period. Students can call if they are not going to make any additional changes and a check will be issued to the student and mailed to the address on file. Please Note: Refunds for check payments are not made until we are reasonably sure the check given has cleared the bank. This process can take two weeks.
  • If a student has an incorrect address on file it WILL delay their check.
  • Financial Aid refunds are determined by financial aid applied to the account. Students may choose how they would like their financial aid refund (direct deposit into a bank account or onto a reloadable debit card or a paper check) by going to, clicking on the Student Choice Refund link, and providing the required information. Financial aid refunds are processed weekly.
  • Refunds can only be applied to other terms if the student signs a form – however, this has been limited to a small dollar amount according to federal regulations. Again, if a student has incorrect address or no address on file it WILL delay their refund.

Will I get a tuition bill?

  • Tuition bills are not normally sent to students. The student cannot depend on receiving a mailed tuition bill to remind them to pay their account.

I enrolled in the payment plan, but now I want to add or drop a class. What happens to my scheduled payments?

  • Your remaining payment will be adjusted to evenly distribute the increase or decrease to the amount you owe. For instance, if you added $300 worth of classes and have 3 remaining payments, each payment will increase $100 from your original schedule.

I registered for classes, but it says the deadline to register for the payment plan is two months away, do I need to sign up now?

  • To prevent being dropped from your classes, you will need to sign up for the payment plan within the same number of days as if you were paying for your classes in full. The deadlines related to the payment plans relate to when those options disappear.

Do I have to remember my payment schedule to ensure my payments are made on time?

  • No, once you enroll, the payments will come out automatically based on the method you selected when you enrolled. You will also receive a reminder email a week in advance reminding you of the amount and date of the payment to give you time to ensure you have enough funds available for the payment.
    • Note- Reminded emails will be sent to your KVCC Email Address, unless you have designated a different account under your Nelnet account settings.

Can I make a manual payment and reduce what will automatically be taken?

  • Yes, if you make a payment online you will be required to choose how you want to apply the payment (reduce the next payment, reduce the last payment, split it in some fashion between all the remaining payments). If you make a payment at the pay station, you will have until midnight to log in and allocate the difference as noted above. If you don’t make any allocation, it will automatically spread it evenly over the remaining payments.

Can I change the payment schedule on my payment plan?

  • Yes, you can change the payment schedule. The payment must remain in the same month. For example, the payment scheduled from June 20th can be changed to any date between June 1st and June 30th (excluding weekends and holidays).

What happens if I drop all of my classes or get financial aid and I no longer owe a balance?

  • If you have a zero balance, the payment plan will adjust at midnight and all future payments would be cancelled.

Is email the only way to receive payment plan or student choice refund notifications?

  • No, you can sign up to receive text alerts through your Nelnet profile.

Can my parents sign up for a payment plan if they want to pay for my semester?

  • Yes, you can designate them as an authorized party and they would go through the same steps and choose the plan and payment option which works best for them.

I elected direct deposit and I dropped my classes, why wasn’t it deposited into my account?

  • The student choice refund is for financial aid refunds only. We are required to return payments in the same form if possible. For instance, if you paid with a credit card, we need to refund that credit card.

When can I expect to receive my Financial Aid refund?

  • Financial aid refunds are typically processed once a week, with the aim at having those who elected direct deposit to receive the funds on the Friday of the week. If the aid was placed on your account after refunds were processed for the week, it will be the following week.

Why should I make a student choice for my refund?

  • By choosing one of the electronic methods, you will receive your refund faster and in a more secure manner than those who are receiving a paper check in the mail. Once you make a choice that will remain how your refunds are processed until you elect to make a different choice.

For other questions please contact us:

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