50th Anniversary

Course Legend


The following codes are attached to course listings to help you identify their locations, instructional method and special requirements.

Campus Location and Rooms

Campus Building Description - See Maps
ACC   Arcadia Commons Campus (Downtown)
AWH Anna Whitten Hall
202 N Rose St.

CNM Center for New Media (Kalamazoo Mall)
Corner of Water St. and Burdick St.

KVM Kalamazoo Valley Museum
230 N Rose St.

HLC   Bronson Healthy Living Campus (Downtown)

Culinary/Allied Health Building
418 E. Walnut St.


Food Innovation Center
224 E. Crosstown Parkway

GRV   The Groves Park
GRV The Groves Center
7107 Elm Valley Dr. (Off 9th Street)

TTC   Texas Township Campus
6767 West O Ave.


Off Campus Locations

Code Description

COMM Community Location — To Be Announced
HOSP Hospital Location — To Be Announced
KCC Kellogg Community College
Regional Manufacturing Technical Center
405 Hill-Brady Road, Battle Creek
KCHA Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts
6350 West KL Ave, Kalamazoo
LTKICK Lightning Kicks Marshal Arts and Fitness Center
826 Mills Street, Kalamazoo
Portage Road to Jackson Street, East to Mills
KALCITY Kalamazoo Dept Public Safety Training Division
601 North Park Street, Kalamazoo
VBTC Van Buren Technical Center
250 South St, Lawrence


Course Types

Code Description

GL Global Perspective Sections allow students an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the geography and culture of different countries while fulfilling the basic course learning objectives.
HY Blended Sections combine face-to-face classroom instruction with online activities that take place in Moodle, our course management system. A computer with internet access is required. Successful completion of an online orientation is required. To access the orientation, direct your browser to https://www.kvcc.edu/virtualvalley/letter.htm
IN Independent Study Section students must contact the instructor during the first week of class or attend an orientation to receive course requirements.
TL Technology Lab Sections are individualized and taught in the Technology (computer) Lab. A microcomputer and various instructional software packages are used. A one-hour orientation and weekly attendance is required.
WB Online Sections means that 100% of your coursework is completed online and that you will not be required to attend scheduled classes on campus. Some courses require exams to be taken at an approved testing location. A computer with internet access is required. Successful completion of an online orientation is required. To access the orientation, direct your browser to https://www.kvcc.edu/virtualvalley/letter.htm

NOTE: Course Type Codes may be a combination of letters, for example:
TCG = Telecourse Global, WBG = Web Global


Days of the Week

Code Description

M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
F Friday
S Saturday

Instructor Permission Codes
Courses with the following designations require registration authorization.

Code Description

CP Counselor Permission
Students will be authorized to register for the course by a counselor if course requirements are met.
HC Health Careers
Contact the Health Careers Admissions Coordinator at (269) 488-4144, TTC 7504.
IP Instructor Permission
Contact the appropriate instructor for registration authorization..
NR Nursing
Contact the Nursing Admissions Coordinator at (269) 488-4389, TTC 7426. These sections are for students admitted to the nursing program only. Authorization for nursing courses will not be available until final registration.
NT Internship
Students will be authorized to register for the internship course by the Internship Coordinator after an internship site has been established. Students are encouraged to secure a volunteer or paid position to fulfill the required 48 hours per credit hour. If needed, the internship office will work with the student to help locate an appropriate site. In some cases, current or previous work experience may be used if the duties of the position are directly related to the area of study. Contact the Internship Coordinator at least one month prior to the beginning of the desired internship semester to complete the application process at 269-488-4040, intern@kvcc.edu, TTC Student Success Center. If an appointment is not scheduled by the deadline, students risk the possibility of not completing the internship during the desired semester.