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Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation

Kalamazoo Valley Community College utilizes credit hours, numeric grades and quality points to calculate grade point averages. It is a simple formula that multiplies each course's credit hour value by the grade earned to award quality points. The total quality points awarded is then divided by the number of credit hours attempted to arrive at the GPA.

Credit Hours x Grade = Quality Points
Total Quality Points / Total Credits Attempted = GPA

Courses that are not assigned a numeric grade, such as Credit/No Credit courses (CR or NC grades), will not be included in GPA calculations. When passed, they will be added to the total credits earned toward a degree. Audited (V) and Withdrawn (W) courses are not included in GPA calculations or credit hour totals.

The example below shows how GPA totals are calculated on a student's transcript for two semesters. As you can see this student did very well during their first semester. However, this person struggled a bit more their second semester. Perhaps they attempted too many credits during a time when they encountered personal demands on their time such as an employer requiring them to work extra hours. The course they withdrew from will not be counted toward their GPA. The course they failed will bring their GPA down because no quality points were earned but the attempted credits are still calculated. The good news is the student can improve their GPA by retaking this course, earning a higher grade and then appealing to have the lower grade excluded from the GPA calculation.

Fall 2005

Course Credit Hours Grade Quality Points
ENG 110 College Writing 3 x 4.0 = 12
MATH 116 Intermediate Algebra 4 x 3.0 = 12
PSI 101 American Government 3 x 3.0 = 10.5
BUS 105 Principles of Marketing 3 x 3.5 = 10.5
Semester Total 13 45
Semester GPA: 3.46 (45 quality points/13 cr. hrs.)

Winter 2006

Course Credit Hours Grade Quality Points
AAC 101 Principles of Accounting 1 4 x 3.0 = 12
ECO 201 Macroeconomics 3 W
MATH 150 College Algebra 4 x 2.5 = 10
FRL 101 Elementary French 4 x 0.0 = 0
Semester Total 12 22
Semester GPA: 1.83 (22 quality points/12 cr. hrs.)


Course Credit Hours Quality Points
Overall Total 25 67
Overall GPA: 2.68 (67 quality points/25 cr. hrs.)