Academic Counseling

Mission Statement

The Kalamazoo Valley counseling office utilizes a developmental approach to engage students in an intentional, collaborative, supportive and meaningful partnership. This multi-dimensional process considers and respects the students’ diverse backgrounds, interests and abilities and facilitates the identification and achievement of educational, career and life goals.

Learning Outcomes:

Counselor Responsibilities:

Student Responsibilities:

Steps to Success

Before the Semester Begins: Determine how you will pay for college. Apply for financial aid (if needed). If you've never been to college before, it is required that you attend a New Student Orientation.

First Semester: Meet with a counselor to discuss your semester progress, especially if challenged in a specific class. Know and connect with college resources, such as tutoring and career counseling, as needed. Schedule an appointment mid-way through the semester to prepare for next semester.

Every Semester: Check your Kalamazoo Valley email daily, review the requirements for your program, revisit your educational plan, read announcements and review information on campus events and academic activities, make an appointment with a counselor as needed.

Prior to Final Semester: Meet with a counselor, run a degree audit through Degree Works, register for final semester and petition to graduate.

Meet with a counselor anytime to discuss your semester progress or if you have questions or challenges you wish to discuss.