Energy Management

Energy Management

Reducing energy waste lowers our carbon footprint and is a sustainable move!

KVCC's Energy Program is based on taking comprehensive action to save energy. We have partnered with Cenergistic, a company with a proven 31 year track record of assisting educational organizations across the nation in successfully implementing hundreds of energy saving strategies.

Balancing the comfort of students, faculty, & staff while at the same time protecting property from temperature & humidity related problems is a cornerstone of the process.

Our organization has continuous opportunities to improve our energy usage with 11 buildings, each with multiple schedules, activities, and a variety of complex heating and cooling systems. Each building requires monitoring of ventilation, interior temperature, interior humidity, exterior temperature, exterior humidity, barometric pressure. The building control system makes dozens of automated adjustments to account for these each day. Our Maintenance staff attends specialized training to manage this complex system.

Auditing building energy usage through consumption reports, weather reports, and data loggers gives us insights on opportunities where we can improve. With the changing of the seasons and weather, it’s a never-ending quest to ensure comfort while we reduce waste.

Overall energy savings come from the cooperation and support of virtually everyone doing their part to conserve energy. The more people that participate in conserving energy, the greater the result.

In classrooms, check that all lights, computers, & audio-visual equipment is powered down and in the off position before you leave the room. In offices, turn off lights, fans, and your computer & monitor at the end of each work day. These small efforts make a huge impact!

If you have any questions or ideas, please contact the Energy Manager at 488.4297. Thank you for doing your part!